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His grasp on my hair tightens and Fletcher groans. “Fuck… I’m cumming.”

Fletcher’s dick jerks in my mouth with his announcement and I can’t stop the thick eruption that coats the back of my throat. As Fletcher moans with pleasure, I keep still on my knees, gazing up at him with wide brown eyes as his cum slides down my throat.

“Good girl,” he whispers.

My heart thumps with disappointment.He’s done. That means we’re done for the night, right? Fletcher tilts my head up so I’m perfectly still and forced to gaze at him.

“We’re not done,” he says. “Absolutely fucking not.”

* * *


Craving Her


Icrave all my vices now that I’ve indulged in the most forbidden one. Guilt should be enough to stop me, but I have Britt’s pretty fucking hair wrapped around my wrist and I can do whatever I want with her… all night. I just have to get her back home to her father in time and figure out how the fuck I’m going to blow my life up. She’s worth it. I would do anything for her. I would leave the fucking force and move to another town if that’s what it took.

I loosen my grasp on Brittany’s hair. I could have her on her knees in front of me forever and never get tired of the way she looks down there with her full lips, gorgeous brown eyes and that alluring brown complexion.

“Get up,” I command her, using my ‘cop voice’ again.

I thought it would be scarier showing her this side of me. Of course I’m completely comfortable with her. I’ve known her for years and even if this is new it doesn’t feel wrong.

I’ve been waiting for her – not for her to grow up – but for the woman she was always meant to be. How the hell could anyone not fall in love with Brittany?Like that bastard…Once she’s on her feet and I’m thinking of that bastard Rob, my urge to be possessive and forceful with her heightens.

Brittany squeals as I grab her naked hips and drag her body against mine. Stay here, kid. Stay here all fucking night.

“I want to fuck you so bad,” I whisper, tightening my grasp on her hips. She’s curvy and soft all over. My cock desperately needs to feel her walls, but what about my morals? I’m an upstanding man in this community and what the fuck will people think when they see me with Harry’s girl and they know I damn near helped him raise her…

I bite my lower lip to stop myself from saying something stupid and Brittany’s fierce look does the rest of the heavy lifting to stop me from being a complete idiot.

“Stop it,” Brittany says. “I can see the stupid thoughts floating around your dumb cop head and I want you to stop overthinking this because… I want you, Fletcher. I don’t want Rob. I don’t want dumb annoying country boys who only care about trucks they can’t afford and the bad type of country music.”

“You are…”

“The best ever?”

“Fucking impossible to resist.”

I kiss her again, plunging into Brittany without any concern for how this could wreck my fucking life. Who cares? Who the fuck cares about anything except having her right here where I want her. As I keep kissing her and holding her close, I can feel her heartbeat. My cock stiffens as I feel the excitement in her kisses.

“I love you,” I grunt, pushing her onto my bed and sliding my body on top of hers without hesitation. I run my tongue over Brittany’s neck and get whatever’s left of her clothes off. Her skin reacts so sensitively to my tongue and the more I kiss and suck her flesh, the louder she moans with excitement. I push Brittany’s legs open and slide two fingers inside her gooey center. She moans and gushes as I push inside her. Her tightness reacts exactly how I would expect.

“Yes…” I whisper, kissing her neck. “I love your tight, wet little pussy.”

“Fletcher,” she moans. “It’s big…”

Two fingers can’t possibly be big enough for her to respond like this. Brittany squirms with pleasure and wriggles with utmost sensitivity as I finger her tight hole. Sliding my fingers along her inner walls and teasing her entrance with slow movements before moving along her textured walls and getting to know her pussy gets Brittany soaked and I can feel how close she is to cumming when her pussy juices create a wet spot in my bed.

“Condom,” I grunt. “I have one on–

“No,” Brittany interrupts. “I’m… I’m allergic.”

My face reddens and a sudden flash of rage surges in me. Allergic? Does that mean she’s been…

“Have you fucked–

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