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“Fuck, Cass. How could you fucking do this to me?”

“I didn’t know you were so racist, Van.”

“It’s not racist. Fuck. I don’t expect you to understand.”

“Do you know any other words besides fuck? I’m leaving. I did what I came here to do. Sandros is waiting for me on the boat.”

“I’m never hiring you again.”

“You always say that. Why don’t you trust me, cousin?”

“Because you’re an evil Greek bitch. That’s why.”

Cass laughs like I paid her a compliment.

“That’s going to be my next tattoo. Her name is Jodi, by the way. She seems very nice. I think she has a good curvy shape too. But what do I know? Ciao, Van.”

She leans forward and kisses me on the cheek, leaving the red print of her lipstick behind. I rub my forehead as she walks off. Fuck. I’ve made a huge mistake and now I have a drugged woman in the back of my fucking car.

I call Enzo. Because he’s the brother you call when you have a drugged woman in the back of your car and you need to go kill a Jew.

“What do you want?”

“Meet me at the beach.”

“What part?” Enzo huffs. He wants to know if this is for a murder or a party. He’ll know by my answer.

“Southern shore. I have a problem.”

“Killing David tonight?”

My jawline clenches. “Yes. But I have another problem. I can’t do this alone.”

“Can’t you get Eddie to do it?”

“No. I need you…”

Enzo can be a lazy fuck sometimes.

“See you in ten.”

“Be there in seven.”

Fuck. I get into the car and glance behind me at the woman laid across the leather seats of my Escalade. Jodi. I’ve never seen a woman like her in my life. She’s confusing, and she’s definitely not what I wanted. I need a woman I can produce an heir with—a surrogate to give me a child and then disappear. What the hell was Cass thinking disobeying me?

She’s more proof we need to tighten the hold on our family. Nobody respects the Doukas name anymore.

She’s still asleep when I get to the beach. I peer into the back seat at her chest rising and falling. At least she isn’t dead. I don’t have the stomach to dispose of two bodies tonight. Enzo rolls his car next to mine, rolling down the window and expelling an enormous cloud of marijuana smoke.

“You showed up high?”

“Relax. I also brought Eddie.”

“Ciao, Uncle Van.”

“Why the fuck did you bring Eddie?”

“Didn’t you bring someone?” Enzo smirks, which means he probably noticed Cass at the club earlier and pieced everything together. She’s still in the back of the Escalade and I don’t need my fucking brother or my idiot nephew involved with this.