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Sky made a little grunt and tried to shift under him.Shit!He was probably crushing him. Nolan braced his hands on the couch and started to push up, but Sky tightened his arms around Nolan while hooking a heel over his leg, trapping him.

“Don’t move,” Sky mumbled.

“I’m crushing you,” Nolan argued.

“It’s a good crushing.”

A low chuckle escaped him and he nuzzled Sky’s damp neck. “Just tell me you can breathe properly.”

“Mn. I can breathe. Stay. You’re warm and cuddly.”

“You know,” Nolan began, placing a kiss behind Sky’s ear. “I want to thank you for a most interesting date.” Sky bucked under him, laughter exploding from him. “But I’ll have you know that a killer orgasm does not make up for a lack of art and an Italian dinner. I think you owe me another date.”

“Oh! Another date, huh? So, if we go out again, that’s date number one?”

Nolan shifted them on the sofa so that they rolled onto their sides, squeezing them together as they faced each other. He didn’t want to think about what fluids just might be soaking into the cushions. At the very least, he would need to chip in to have Sky’s sofa professionally cleaned after this impulsive bit of fun.

Maybe he was smart enough to have his furniture Scotchgarded to hell and back. That might help.

“Nope,” he grinned at Sky. “Still not letting you have a do-over. This one was my all-time favorite date. Besides, we both know we’re not here as a thank-you for saving my life twice.” Nolan dipped his head, brushing his lips against Sky’s until they softened into a tender kiss. “Maybe this is me finally realizing that the sweetest, sexiest man in the world lives across the street from me, and I need to get to know him better.”

Sky jerked his head back, his eyebrows rising toward his hairline. “Even if that guy is a little weird and talks to dead people?”

Nolan sighed. “Sky, I’m a writer and I spend my days talking to people who only ever exist in my head. At least those dead people were alive at one point. You go outside and you talk to people. I bet you even know the names of our neighbors.”

“Of course I do!” Sky leaned in close and whispered. “How else was I supposed to get the gossip on the hot goth boy who moved in and doesn’t talk to anyone?”

He might have rolled his eyes at that. Hot goth boy didn’t even begin to describe him, but he wasn’t going to fight Sky on it. When they stood side by side, he probably did look like some grumpy goth kid in search of a Nine Inch Nails concert.

“My point is that I’d like to keep seeing you.”

“I think that can be arranged.” Sky’s smile wilted. “My only concern is that you might get overwhelmed with my life.”

Nolan chuckled. “I can guarantee that I will get overwhelmed. I’m an introvert who spends his day with a computer. We get overwhelmed by needing to talk on the phone twice in the same day.” He squeezed Sky, tucking him closer. “When I get overwhelmed, I promise to tell you. We’ll talk through it. Or I might just need a day of space to get my bearings again. I enjoy being with you too much to let this slip through my fingers because it can be a little scary at times.”

“Good. And I promise to always keep you safe.” Sky settled his head against Nolan’s arm and Nolan pressed a kiss to his forehead.

“I know you will. I just hope that I can return the favor someday.”

Sky lurched upward, nearly knocking Nolan backward off the sofa. Sky caught his flailing arm and pulled him in so he could lay flat. “You did! You already did tonight! It was freaking amazing! Do you have any idea how close we were to a war breaking out? If Bel or even a shifter had gotten hurt tonight, it would have been a huge disaster. But you just swooped in and totally defused the entire thing! You protected me and everyone there.” Sky braced his hands on Nolan’s chest and leaned down until their noses touched. “Do you have any clue how hot that was? I was ready to drop to my knees and beg to have your babies.”

“Let’s save the babies for another time,” Nolan said, trying hard not to laugh and generally failing.

Sky pulled away, his expression serious. “You promise?”

“I promise. We should probably just worry about dating for now. I’m still learning how to keep up with a necromancer. Do you even know proper care techniques for an author?”

Sky’s grin was stunning. “No, but I can’t wait to learn.”


Skylar Wallace

Date night might not have gone like he’d planned, but it had ended even better than he’d hoped. Sky snuggled in his blankets, a smile on his lips as his mind drifted closer to an exhausted sleep while fantasizing about the next date and possibly the next after-date activities they might enjoy.

His bedroom door exploded open. Sky sucked in a gasp, half sitting up, blankets clutched to his chin. His heart hammered, nearly choking him. The faint glow from the hallway night-light outlined a tall, horned creature looming in the opening. It took only a second to scan the room before it marched over to the bed.

A single word scrambled through Sky’s sluggish brain.

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