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“Since you have some extra juice, would you go ask around? See if you can figure out what got loose while I wait to hear from Zal?” He batted his eyelashes at her and gave her his sweetest smile. “The sooner I figure that out, the sooner I can get rid of it, which keeps those earth witches off my back.”

Grammy nodded. “I’ll ask the other ghosts in the area. Maybe I can turn up some helpful information.” She began to leave but stopped and narrowed her eyes at him. “You need to take a nap. Even if we get the information you need, you’re going to be too damn tired to cast a single spell.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure he gets some rest,” Nolan interjected. Sky’s mouth fell open while Grammy chuckled as she disappeared.

“You gonna put me to bed?” Sky drawled, trying for a low and sexy tone, but he was feeling like dog poo and probably looked like it, too. He doubted he could seduce an incubus, even if it were starving.

“Yes, I am, baby. Now finish your message to the demon.”

Honeyandbaby in the same day!

He didn’t care how pathetic he looked. He was going to capitalize on his good fortune while he could.

With more speed than finesse, he made a pair of sandwiches, trying to save the best cuts and options for the demon king. The note might have had zero finesse, but he laid out that he needed the door properly sealed and to know what had escaped from the underworld.

After tucking the note into the bag, he summoned Frank. The minion was, in fact, very pissy about his sandwich being more cheese and bread than meat. However, he lost some of his attitude when he learned he was making a delivery to his boss.

When Frank disappeared, Nolan rose and helped Sky put everything away. The very kind and thoughtful man then ushered him up the stairs.

“You need sleep, Sky,” Nolan pressed. “You seem like you’re about to fall over. I don’t know how you can expect to do anything about the doorway or the creature on the loose if you can’t even keep your eyes open.”


“Let Zalramon and his people do some work. You can at least catch an hour or two of sleep while you wait.”

Sky pouted, his bottom lip jutting out. “But if I sleep, you’ll leave. We’re having a pleasant morning together. You helped with the roses and the cemetery.” He might have tacked on in a grumpy tone under his breath. “Just a shame the witches had to butt in.”

“What if I stay and take a nap with you?” Nolan offered.

Sky didn’t question his luck, but he did question his ability to fall asleep with Nolan lying right next to him. Well, if he didn’t sleep, there were plenty of other things he was interested in doing in bed.

He pulled on a pair of comfortable cotton shorts and handed over a baggy pair to Nolan, along with a T-shirt. Unfortunately, that was too small.Boo-hoo. Nolan had to lie in bed with no shirt on. Such a shame.

They climbed into bed, and Sky rolled onto his side, out of habit. Before he could correct himself, Nolan scooted close, spooning him as if they’d been doing it for years. Sky closed his eyes, releasing a happy sigh as he soaked in the feel of Nolan wrapped around him, confident he’d never be able to fall asleep.


He fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Son of a bitch!

* * *

Sky stretched, his bare feet sliding along the soft sheets. He rolled over, trying to decide whether to wake up or steal a few more minutes of sleep, when he realized his cheek was not resting on cotton but warm skin. He wasn’t alone.


That’s right!When he’d lain down for a nap, Nolan had promised to join him. And he was still here.

Sky tipped his head up, resting his chin on Nolan’s shoulder. He blinked still-sleepy eyes at the man, who was smiling at him.

“Did you sleep too?” Sky inquired.

“Mn. I’m the king of naps. I’m always ready for an afternoon nap.”

“How long was I out?”

“A little over two hours. I just woke up myself.” As he spoke, Nolan rolled toward Sky, wrapping his arms around him, pressing them together chest to chest. It became clear instantly that other parts of Nolan were up and thrilled to see him. If this was what it meant to take an afternoon nap with Nolan, Sky was more than happy to do this every day.

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