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He eyed me skeptically, tongue rolling across his cheek.

“I thought I was just the lover of your soul?”

I knew it. Earlier at the restaurant he told Nova what we did was none of his concern. I swear this man was something else. He didn’t want anyone questioning us, but apparently, he didn’t want me downplaying what we were doing either.

“You’re the lover of my pussy too.”

“Then why didn’t you tell Lay that?”

My chin lowered almost to my chest in defeat.

“I didn’t want to throw too much on them at once. This is a big enough adjustment for us. I didn’t want to overwhelm them too.” My hand slid down his chest and I cupped his hardening dick. “Please, pooh. I’ll beg for this dick.”

And seeing as it was the best one I’d ever had, there was absolutely no shame in my game.

His hand wrapped around my neck, and he tilted my head, pulling me closer to him. Without my heels, there was a glaring height difference between us that had me moaning as I looked up at him.

“You giving this pussy to somebody else?”

“Nobody, I swear.”

Jeremiah licked his lips before lowering himself and allowing his tongue to slither its way into my mouth. He wrapped my legs around his waist and carried me into the bathroom. After placing me on top of the sink, he cut on the shower. As anxious as I was to have him inside of me, I was about to break a world record for the quickest shower.

We washed swiftly before toppling onto his bed with wet skin.

“Pooh,” I called, heart racing as he used my ankle to pull me to the middle of the bed.

There was a hunger in his eyes that alarmed me. Jeremiah ignored me as he spread my legs and latched on to my clit. The licking and sucking combination he did rivaled the rose vibrator. So much so I began to shake uncontrollably, battling between using his head to keep him close and pushing him away. He waited until I came to lower himself to my opening, fucking me with his tongue. Jeremiah folded me and tilted my hips, dipping his tongue in and out of my pussy until I coated it with my cum.

His fingers made their way inside as he kissed up my body, nibbling on each of my nipples and licking them as I moaned his name.

“Oh my God,” I purred, circling my hips as his thumb circled my clit.

“When someone asks you if I’m in this pussy, it better leak just at thethoughtof me. I don’t give a fuckwhoit is. Youandthis pussy belong to me.”

“Yes, Jeremiah,” I agreed before releasing a sizzling breath. Just when I was about to cum, he pulled his fingers out of me. Before I could protest, Jeremiah had me flipped over and on my knees.

His medium-paced strokes left me breathless. Jeremiah’s arm rested on the small of my back. As he hardened his movements, he squeezed my ass cheek before slapping and rubbing it. A moan escaped me as the top of my body melted into the bed. The sound of my cheeks smacking against his hard frame permeated the room.

Gripping the sheets, I closed my eyes as my mouth hung open. My pussy leaked against him as I began to fuck him back.

“Mhm,” he moaned, gripping my waist. “You care more about that nigga feelings than mine?”

With a handful of my hair, Jeremiah slowed his strokes, making sure I felt every inch.

I could only hum as my toes curled. “Jerry…”

“Answer me,” he gritted, smacking my ass.

“No!” I yelped.

“I don’t care if you want to spare his feelings or anyone else. When it comes to me, to us…” He lifted me by my hair so that my back was on his chest. Jeremiah’s hand wrapped around my neck as he filled me with strokes that touched my spot each time he entered me. “You don’t shrink or dim what we got going, and you for damn sure don’t hide it.” With his fingers circling my clit, he returned to his medium pace, moaning when the sound of my wetness increased. “Do you understand me, Chapel?”

“Yessss,” I slurred.

As soon as he released me, I gushed all over him.

His arm wrapped back around me and kept me from falling into the bed. Jeremiah held me up until my tremors subsided. When they did, he laid me flat on my back and made his way back inside me. Our lips connected, and Jeremiah’s tongue swirled around mine with the same slow, nasty pace of his dick inside me… and I’ve loved every second of it.

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