Author: B. Love
Category: Erotic | Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 55

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For the town of Rose Valley Hills, the wedding to commemorate the love between Nova Cane and Chapel Wilson was slated to be the event of the decade. With a guest list of over three-hundred people RSVP’d to be in attendance, everyone who was anyone, would be there. At the final wedding rehearsal, Nova shares a truth that can potentially end their marriage before it even begins.

Chapel has always been a runner. When things seem beyond her control, her fight or flight instincts cause her to flee. A year after learning of her fiancé’s infidelity passes before she has the courage to return home to Rose Valley Hills. And when she does, it’s with a plan of revenge. Nova must pay, and the woman he cheated on her with will too.

What starts out as a need for revenge and getting what she deserves leads to Chapel realizing how much of her life revolves around her circle of friends… and how many secrets swirl around in it. Anger and hurt take her down a path that shows her not only who she truly is but those around her as well.

With pieces of her heart shredded like confetti, Chapel has no desire for love. She’s too busy focusing on hate. Still, love finds its way to her through the person she least expects. Will she have the courage to exchange her plans of revenge for a new relationship, or has Nova’s betrayal made it impossible for her to ever trust and love again?

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