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“Do you remember when you taught me how to wrestle?” she asks, looking at the messed up bed.

“Of course I do. It just about killed me.”

“What did?”

“Being so close to to you, able to touch you but not like how I wanted to.”

“I liked it when you taught me take downs.”

“Fuck, so did I.” Chuckling, I take her back out to my truck and drive her to school. She gets out before the main gate to make it seem like she walked from the bus stop.

I wish I could have kept her in bed but now is not the time. Now that I’ve claimed her, I will wait as long as I have to make her my wife.

Chapter Five


Two Weeks Later

“Miss Montgomery?”


“Miss Montgomery, do you know the answer?” Matt asks, fully jarring me out of my daydream of him spreading me open on his desk and taking what he wants from me. We’ve kept our distance at school for two weeks, but at night, when I have my college courses, he devours me for hours before bringing me back to school.

“What?” I ask, making the other students laugh.

“This will be on the exam, Miss Montgomery. Care to give it a guess?”

“No,” I say quickly. I have no idea what the question was, so any guess I make would be wildly off.

“See me after class, Miss Montgomery. James, care to answer?” he asks after moving along. I have never been asked to stay after class by any teacher. My skin tingles with anticipation.

Once class is over, he has me follow him to his office. I didn’t realize that he even had an office.

As soon as the door is shut and locked, he’s on me. His lips are punishing in the best possible way.

“What was that for?” I whisper when he lets me have some air. I think he’s done, but he’s on his knees, pulling my panties down my legs. I watch as he inhales my scent before putting it in his pocket.

“You can’t dress like this and expect me not to need to claim you.”

“I always dress like this. It’s my school uniform.” It consists of a red plaid skirt, a white shirt, and a blue blazer.

“Jason Moritz was looking up your skirt. I almost kicked his ass.”

“No, he wasn’t.”

“You weren’t paying attention,” he says as he opens his pants and lets them, and his boxers fall to the floor. His cock is hard and angry.

“We’re doing this here?”

“Yes. I need you now. I need to remind you who you belong to,” he growls, lifting me in his arms. He turns away from the door, and my butt hits his cold desktop. I’m wet, of course I am, but he leans down and runs his tongue over my folds before spitting on me. There. I moan loud enough that he slaps his hand over my mouth. “Shhh, baby. No one can know what I’m doing to you in here.” I nod. When he releases me, I bring my hand up to my mouth and spit on it before fisting his cock with it. His head falls back as he lets me jerk him off. He stops me, and as soon as I move my hand, he guides his cock to my opening and slams into me. How am I supposed to keep quiet when he’s doing this to me? He kisses me and then licks my neck as he breathes me in.

“Matt,” I whisper. His hands are on my hips now. He’s pulling me on and off of him. I love it. “I’m gonna come.”

“Do it. Come on my cock. Give me that sweet pussy juice.” He moves faster and faster until I can’t take it anymore. I bury my face in his chest as I come, my pussy clenching aroudn him. He comes with silently, but he shaking so I know it’s hard for him. He kisses me again as he pulls out of me. “I love you, pretty girl. You are mine.”

“I know, Matt. I know I’m yours. I’ll never be anyone else’s.”

“Damn right,” he says as he pulls my panties from his pocket and helps me back into them. “Now, you’ll smell like me all day.”

“Good. I’m glad.”

“You’re late for your next class. I’ll write you an excuse.”

“What’s it going to say? I’m quite sure that something like, sorry Miss Montgomery is late; she was riding my cock like a good girl, will cause a stir.” He growls and smacks my butt.

“You’re a brat, you know that, don’t you? Now you’ve made me hard again.”

“Oh, no! Whatever will we do about that?” I ask, hopping back up on his desk. I put my feet on the edge and spread my thighs for him. His widen, and I reach between them and push my already-soaked panties to the side and show him my swollen pussy. He groans as he rips his pants open again and pulls out his cock. Seconds later, he’s back inside of me where he belongs. My head falls back as another orgasm builds inside me.

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