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Then I feel Loki’s tongue poke into the pucker of my ass.

As Bodhi finds a pleasure spot deep inside me, Loki slides his big cock against my ass, which is slippery now from his tongue. Using Bodhi’s rhythm, Loki glides the thick end of his cock more strongly against my ass until the head presses inside me. And further.

Oh, God.

They’re so big.

They’re stretching me, fucking me, sliding all the way inside me. In and out. Deeper. Deeper.

I moan.

For a few seconds we lay like that, panting, as I adjust to having both their thick, huge cocks deep inside me.

They both start thrusting in tune as Loki’s fingers slip between my body and Bodhi’s to find my slick button.

I cry out as the pleasure waves get higher and higher. I love their big, driving bodies and the clever touch of Loki’s skilled fingers.

It’s too much.

I can’t handle the pleasure overload. I buck and moan as I start coming hard, and my body squeezes both their cocks tightly as clench and writhe and take every inch of them.

“Oh, fuck,” moans Bodhi.

I can feel everything as both their massive, vein-ridged cocks start to buck and pump deep inside me. It’s a crazy-good sensation, getting filled with two hot, jetting floods of silky heat.

We keep going. We doze a little, recovering from our rush, then we do it again. Until they come inside me again in gushing bursts. After, they clean me and feed me.

We spend two lazy days like that and I fall in love with both of them.

We can’t stop touching each other. They eat off of my naked breasts. They lick my pussy until I come. I drink their seed countless times. I watch them pleasure each other and I help them. I lick them in places that would shock Sister Eloise, no doubt about that, as they put their cocks inside each other.

Then we wash each other and do it all over again until I know for sure I could never go back to normal life.

I like pleasure too much.

I like this kind of pleasure, with pumping, milky seed and mouthfuls of big, juicy cock.

I like coming and doing everything my playful boys ask. Offering myself to them until I’m wet and ready to take them again.

On the second afternoon, I’m sleeping lightly with my fingers weaved through Loki’s dark hair as he suckles my breasts and Bodhi gently fucks me with his tongue.

The sound of something hitting the floor of the tree hut startles all three of us.

Voices are shouting from down below.

They’re throwing something.

“Bodhi! Loki! Throw down the rope or we’re coming up!”

“We’ll fucking chop the tree down if you don’t bring her down!” yells Quade. I can tell by his voice. “Evie!”

“Shit,” mutters Loki. “It was bound to happen. They were going to find out sooner or later.”

“What should we do?” I ask them. I don’t want Quade and Drake to cut the tree down. That sounds dangerous.

“We could throw spears at them,” suggests Bodhi.

“No.” I don’t want anyone getting hurt.

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