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He clears his throat.

"This goes no further than this office." I furrow my brows but nod, his blue eyes darkening. "The reason why Star left was because of Flame."

I sit up straighter.

Around the time Annalise lost her baby, Star upped and left out of the blue. That was six months ago, and no one until a few weeks ago had heard from her. She finally contacted Annalise after Annalise had a breakdown on her voicemail after finding out she was pregnant again; the guilt ate her alive, and Star pulled her back from the ledge. No one knew the reason why she left; Axel just said she needed some space. Her mother and sister went crazy, and it was only a few weeks ago that Annalise informed us that Star's mother and sister had been stealing her inheritance and that her father, a fallen brother that one of the Devil's rogue brothers had killed when Star was ten, had left for her. She was their cash cow, so now they're struggling to keep afloat and keep asking for the money from Star's art exhibitions that the club continues to put on for her.

She loved her art, and so does everyone else; we're nearly out of all her pieces. Annalise had opened an account under Flames name, which is where the money gets transferred too.

I clear my throat. "What happened, brother?"

He sighs, running a hand through his black hair. "Fuck. Annalise was in the hospital, and Star needed a distraction, so Flame tookher out on a friend's date at the bar, only to leave her half an hour later with Ginger. "I sigh and shake my head. "It gets worse, brother." I tilt my head at him. "She was so upset that she went to go to the ladies to cry when Hairy, the Devil's VP, who turned rogue and tried a coop on Snake, grabbed her. Hairy was Killer's cousin."

Fuck, Killer was a Devil’s brother who tried to sell cocaine in our strip club. We had several girls OD because their stuff was laced with silver.

Axel nods. "He raped her, Slicer, anally."

My eyes widen, and I stand up, fury taking over my body.

Star's our club princess and the sweetest fucking woman you'd ever fucking meet; she didn't deserve that; no fucking woman does but Star. I shake my head, running my hand through my loose hair that's longer on top than most brothers'. I normally wear it in a bun.

"The only reason why I know, brother, is because I caught her trying to run early one morning after she decided to give Flame her virginity as a fuck you."

I shake my head. My anger is taking hold tightly. "Why me, brother?"

He gives me a tight smile. "Because of your hunting skills, I need you to use them. Go hunt that fucker, Hairy, and bring him back here."

Sighing, I nod my head.

I was always good at hunting, and hunt I fucking will.

"Snake will go with you; you leave in an hour and could be gone for a few months; he'll be outside of Sweet Treats. As far as the brothers are concerned, you're catching a flight to Seattle. Here's the information."

I nod my head again, taking the information, and leave his office to pack while I quickly read it.

When I get to my room, I quickly grab my phone and ring Georges diner.

I ring it twice a year. He answers on the second ring,

"No sign, Slicer."

I sigh; he's obviously saved my number.

"Alright, thanks, George."

I hung up feeling fucking defeated before grabbing my bag.

I slap Gunner on the back when I get back into the common room. I can feel Clitter's eyes on me, but I ignore her.

"Alright brother?"

I shake my head. "You're going to have to get Lee-Lee to do the books for a while or ask your dad to go over them after you've done them. I'm on the hunt for Hairy with Snake." His eyes widen before he nods. "I'll keep in touch, brother; it could be a few months, and fucking look after Leah."

He nods again, furrowing his brows, but I don't give a shit. Something smells off with Razor's stories about her, and it's fucking ridiculous that only myself and Doc have picked up on it.

I head to my bike, strapping my bag on the back before I rev her up.

I head to the hospital first. Mel, Dagger's old lady, who he met when Annalise was admitted, was shot by another nurse who wanted Dagger. She thought with Mel out of the way he'd go to her. She was in a coma for a little while, but finally, fucking finally, she woke up this morning.

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