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I quickly rush to her room and see Dagger sitting up on her bed, his girl asleep in his arms, holding her tightly.


He turns his head to my voice and gives me a slight smile, and I take a seat next to the bed.

"Axel told me about Star," he drops his head with a sigh. "I'm leaving for a few months with Snake to hunt the bastard down; they need my expertise. We're starting in Seattle; I'm catching a flight in half an hour."

That makes him shoot his head up.

"How long will you be gone for?"

I shrug, "maybe a month. I don't know. Snake still can't trust his men, so he's come to Axel for help; they believe that's where Hairy is hiding, and to be fair, we don't want Star home until the fucker is found."

Dagger sighs, "Alright, brother. Just stay in touch, yeah?"

I stand and nod while kissing his woman on the head. She's a lot like Star this one—fucking sweet and a damn good nurse.

"Will do, brother. Take care of your girl, yeah."

He nods, and I turn and leave.

I see a flash of black hair down the hallway, making me stop and do a double take, but it's gone, and I blink my eyes, clearly fucking seeing things yet again. Every time I come here, I swear I see Meghan.

Shaking my head, I get to my bike and start her up before heading to Annalise's shop. I meet Snake, who gives me a head nod and revs his bike, and we head to the last known location of his former VP, fucking Wincher.

We've been on the road for a few months when we finally get word from a scrawny drug dealer running his mouth near Washington about the Devil's selling their gear in Huntsman territory. Steel, their president, contacted Snake, and now I'm hiding down an ally, waiting for the asshole to show up.

We set up a meeting; he thinks we want his gear, but unfortunately for him, he's a soon-to-be dead man.

I hear whistling coming from my right, Snake. He's currently on top of a building across the street; that's his signal that the fuckers are close. I hear shuffling from my left, and I smirk. He's hesitant; well, I am 6"1 with muscle.

I take pride in my physical appearance.

When he's close enough and I can smell his stench, I grip his neck, making him choke out in shock before I slam his back against the wall and I get my custom-made knife out, the leather handle feeling fucking fantastic in my hand, holding it near his eye, making him swallow, fear radiating off him.

"You have exactly five seconds to tell me where Hairy is, or you lose an eye."

His eyes widen. "He left yest-yesterday to-to Oak-Oklahoma."

I smirk. "And he leaves you here all alone?"

He swallows, his greasy hair falling over his too thin face. "He trusts us to-to get the job done. We-we’re taking down the Devils bit by bit by using their names, and then-then The Untamed Hell Fire next. If-If you want in then-then maybe I can help you; Hairy's always looking for enforcers."

I smirk at the idiot running his mouth. "And how does he plan exactly to bring down two of the biggest MC's in the state?"

He swallows again, “we-we have people who are against them in both clubs; it’s-it’s how we knew someone was-was after him, and he left."

My fury takes over, and I tighten my hand on his throat, making his eyes widen. "Yeah, and who are they?"

He shakes, “I-I don’t-don’t know, I-I swear."

I hear Snake come up behind us and say, "Time to end him, brother."

I nod before my smirk turns cold. I shove the tip of my knife into his eye. He screams out in terror as I pop his eye out like a ping pong ball. I then use the same knife to slice open his throat and watch as he chokes on his own blood before falling to my feet. I turn to look at Snake, and he nods, getting his phone out. He'll contact Steel for a clean-up. There's no camera on this side of town; that's why they deal here, and I quickly grab my phone and call Axel.

He answers after the second call,


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