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"Check the club from top to bottom, brother; we have a rat."

I hear him curse before I hang up.

I can't get into a conversation with him right now. I heard from Doc yesterday that Fucker Razor had torn Leah's virginity from her using two fingers and a razor blade in between them five years ago, and he left permanent scarring. They were never in a fucking relationship, just like I thought. The brothers will be told next week. I fucking knew he was full of shit. Leah's foster father had sold her virginity to him, and when he saw the connection between her and Gunner, he took what he paid for before she gave it willingly to the man she came to love.

I shake my head. The fuckers in the club need to grovel to her; she didn't deserve the treatment they gave her, and Gunner needs to get on his hands and knees for throwing Cara in her face day in and day out while overworking her.

I head to my bike, where Snake is already waiting for me.

"Oklahoma?" he asks, and I nod with a sigh while rubbing the gold bracelet.

Meghan is never too far from my mind.


Chapter 8


I'm here, but I'm not here.

That doesn't make sense, does it?

Sighing, I continue to run the brush through Lilah's brown hair, her curls pinging back up again before I take a hold of it all and brush it up into a ponytail that she requested.

My little four-year-old is strong-willed and knows what she wants when she wants it, that's for sure.

I blink, tying her hair up, Mel coming to mind. I've ignored her since she woke up.

Two months ago, a bitchy nurse who had a thing for Mel's man pointed a gun at her, and I walked in.

I walk into triage to fill it up with supplies while it's quiet but stop in my tracks. I gasp as Cassidy points a gun at me, "Well, look who's unlucky day it is. Move now over to the wall." I'm frozen; I can't move until Cassidy shouts, "NOW." I make eye contact with Mel; tears are running down her face, and tears start to build in my eyes as I move to where the alarm is. I have to pull it when she's not looking.

Noah comes to mind, his hazel eyes looking at me like I'm all he sees before his eyes turn into our daughters.God, she's going to be all alone; she's going to end upwith my parents. My breathing picks up, and I make eye contact with Mel again. I can see the decision she's made, and I start to shake my head. She can't risk her life, not for me. She gives me a slight smile before mouthing "Lilah," then rushes over to Cassidy, tackling her to the ground.

I blink and plat Liah's ponytail before twisting it into a bun and pinning it to her head with her red and blue butterfly clip we got at the fair with Mel.

I slouch down on the wall as they fight for the gun, my hand finding the emergency alarm they had installed for firearms. I pull the lever down just as a shot is fired. Cassidy is on the floor, not moving, blood coming from her head while men in leather cuts as the brothers called them rush in. I don't know who because my eyes are on my friend, my one true friend, as she turns, blood seeping from her chest, and I gasp out a cry.

I blink again and help my munchkin put on the Barbie sandals that her auntie Mel bought her, and I try to keep my tears at bay.

She wouldn't be in a hospital bed if she didn't feel the need to try and save me.

"Why, why did you do that?"

She slurs in response, "Be-because-cause Lilah."

I blink again, getting Lilah's coat on her before getting her lunch for nursery.

"WE NEED MORE UNITS NOW." Dr. Thomas shouts.

I help Lilah into her seat and strap her in before gently kissing her forehead, making her smile at me, her father's eyes haunting me through her own.


I grip Dagger's shoulders, pulling him back while my heart stops along with my best friends, my tears falling harder, not able to look away from the scene.


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