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I nod. Her legs are wide open.

Third-degree burns coat her inner thighs and vagina while a bright pink vibrator sticks out of it.

Oh, my god.

I clear my throat. "I'm sorry. I know I'm probably not being professional."

She shakes her head. "You're the only one who hasn't started to laugh."

That makes me scowl, seriously.

I growl before getting my gloves on while I look at her chart. "Ok, Ms. Taylor, can you tell me what happened?"

She swallows hard. "I, uh, was pleasuring myself when I felt intense burning inside me, then on my legs. When I tried to remove the object after switching it off, it felt like my skin was pulling with it.

I nod. "How long was the device on charge before you used it?"

She furrows her brows, trying to think while I collect numbing cream and saline.

"About 18 hours."

Ah, "Okay, basically you've overcharged the batteries and they've exploded in the device; common mistake." Her brows shoot high as I walk over to her. "Alright, Ms. Taylor, I'm going to place some numbing cream around your vagina with this cotton bud stick, then I'll squirt saline over the device while I gently pull it out. If we can't do it this way, then you may be looking at surgery."

Her eyes widen before she nods her head, and I slowly apply the cream. Once I'm positive she's numb, I squirt the saline onto the device to wet her up; lube wouldn't work due to the high risk of infection. I grip the toy and slowly start to pull it out. She tenses when it's half way out, and I look at her and say, "Are you doing okay?"

She goes bright red. "I, uh, I feel like I'm about to..."

I nod in understanding, "It's your body's natural way. The device is nearly out."

She takes a deep breath and nods, and I continue to pull the device out. She doesn't orgasm, thank God; she doesn't need any more embarrassment, but she is red-raw thanks to the battery acid.

"Ok, the device is out. In this syringe here," I show her, "is an antibiotic tablet that will dissolve inside your vagina. I'm just going to insert the syringe very slowly and push the tablet inside, then I'm going to place burn cream on your thighs and vagina." She nods her head, and I do as I said and insert the syringe inside her and push the tablet so it's half way up. Then I grab the cream and gently pat it on the inside of her thighs and on her privates. Once I'm done, I remove my gloves and tidy up before washing my hands. Then, I grab my clipboard and write her up a prescription for oral antibiotics and some more cream before handing them to her.

"The antibiotics are for seven days, and the cream is for 14. You can pick them up here at the pharmacy. If you have any problems or swelling, please come back and request for me, my name is Meghan Campbell."

Relief shines through her eyes. "Thank you so much."

I give her a smile before leaving the room so she can get dressed.

Sarah and a few nurses are standing by, giggling, and I shake my head. "Sarah," I call out, and she looks up at me, raising a brow. "The patient is about to come out; I don't think she needs any more embarrassment considering, according to her, everyone aside from me that has seen her has laughed. We don't want another lawsuit, do we?"

The nurses eyes widen while she goes pale before she nods, and they all disperse while I shake my head, handing the clipboard to the receptionist, who grins at me. Last month, a woman who came in due to a sex position gone wrong filed a lawsuit after hearing the crap Sarah was joking about, which was all about how her husband needs a more experienced woman.

It was wrong and way out of line.

I feel sorry for Sarah’s husband.

I sigh when my pager goes off. I'm only an hour in, and I'm already tired. I look down and am instantly tense.

- 911 – Room 234

Mel's room.

I take off on a run, heading to her room, hoping and praying she's okay.

She's only just woken up; she has to be okay.

I rush into Mel's room, most likely looking frazzled, only to find her sitting up and smiling at me. I narrow my eyes, ready to give her a lashing for giving me a fucking heart attack, but she just puts her hand up.

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