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"If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. Ok, well, maybe not being shot and losing two months of my life and part of my memory would be good, but otherwise, I wouldn't change a thing. Lilah needs her mom alive and well, not in a coma or on the ground. Don't feel guilty because I chose to save you; if anything, kick Travis's ass for half fucking her in the first place."

My eyes instantly tear up; the guilt was tearing me apart.

I rush over to her, climbing into her bed with her crying, my eyes out on her shoulder, where I stay for a while. It's how Dagger finds us while grinning, and it's how we stayed while they spoke about my Noah.

I've finally found him.

They said he's out of town for a little while on club business, but he will be back. My Noah, who's been looking for me for the past five years and who's apparently lost his way without me,

Finally, I've found my daughter's daddy. I just didn't expect the things he did to try and forget about me and how much it would break my heart.

Chapter 9

Slicer – 29-years-old – present day – Daggers wedding

I straighten my tie before putting my cut back on.

I'm in one of the rooms at the church—yes, a fucking church—sorting myself out. Dagger and Mel are finally getting fucking married, and she wanted a church wedding. I shake my head, bikers in a church. I'm surprised we haven't been set alight yet for our sins.

I check the time; we still have ten minutes before we need to be out in front. Gunner's his best man, and I'm the first groomsman, while Dagger's blood brother, Ink, is his second. Apparently, he refused to be the best man because Dag's a bit of a groomzilla, which is fucking true, but we all know he just wanted the best for his girl. I leave the room I'm in intending to go to the groom's room to see how he's doing when Clitter struts up to me in a small black dress that is not wedding-appropriate, and I furrow my brows, wondering why a sweet butt is here.

She just shrugs, seeing my confusion while tracing the tip of her finger along my chest.

"I'm friends with Sophie, so Dagger and Mel allowed me to be here. Now, I'm horny, and you've barely touched me since you've been back."

I swallow and nod my head.

We've been back for two weeks and have yet to find Hairy. We do know he's in this area, though, so Ink, Hawk, and I have been on our A-game. Don't get me wrong, I've fucked some of the girls at Untamed Girls since being back but stayed away from Clitter as much as possible; she's gotten clingy over the years. But I need the distraction, especially today. Meghan's been on my mind more and more lately. I'm losing hope that I'll find her, and the more hope I lose, the more I feel like I can't fucking breathe.

I grip Clitter's hand that's tracing my chest and push her into a darkened corner near the front door. She grins before lifting her left leg and wrapping it around my waist while I undo my slacks, freeing my cock. I sheath myself before moving her lacy panties aside and placing the head of my cock at her entrance. I thrust forward, hard making her moan while I lick and bite her neck. I know I won't be able to cum because she's loose, so I close my eyes as Meghan's bright blue ones pop into my mind and my hips move faster and faster, my right hand strumming on Clitter's tight bundle of nerves. She moans louder when I pinch her clit, her walls fluttering but not squeezing me.

I move my hips quicker when I suddenly hear heels slapping on the concrete floor before someone clears their throat. Clitter growls in frustration at being interrupted, but I don't stop moving my hips as I look behind me to tell whoever it is to piss off, but instead, my eyes instantly widen, my hips freeze, and my whole world tilts.

Her black hair is clipped to one side, blue highlights that suit her perfectly are curled slightly and she’s wearing a floor length off-the-shoulder pink gown that hugs her nicely. Her body’s a little more curvier making her even more beautiful.

I feel like I can't breathe as we make eye contact.

Her bright blue eyes are looking into mine, full of heartbreak and pain.

Meghan. My Meghan.

Clitter groans, "Can you fuck off already so me and my man can finish?"

I'm still frozen, not realizing Clitter just claimed me, a brother, which is against the club rules for a sweet butt to do.

Meghan's eyes flash with more hurt, and I have to swallow hard.

What the fuck have I done?

I'm brought out of my stupor when a little girl with brown curly hair and hazel eyes like my own rushes into the church, and I quickly pull out of Clitter and shove my dick away before I scare the little girl who runs up to Meghan and grips her hand. I go to speak, but Clitter just can't seem to understand when to shut the fuck up.

"Seriously, bitch, fuck off NOW.”

She booms the last bit, making the little girl jump, and Meghan's face goes from hurt to anger instantly for scaring the little girl who speaks up,

"That's a no-no word lady."

I smirk at her sass while Clitter gasps, righting her dress, clearly not realizing a child was present.

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