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Meghan raises a brow at Clitter, refusing to look my way again when her angelic raspy voice, a voice I haven't heard in five years, echoes through the gateway of the church: "No offense, but if you didn't want to be interrupted, then you should have gone to a room with a door and not got busy right in the church's entry at my friend's wedding, no less, and don't ever scare my little girl again."

Momma bear at her best.

My heart flutters, my fingers tingling to touch her, hold her, and hold them.

That's my daughter; I just know it.

Clitter scowls, but Meghan ignores it, and me, when she looks down at the little girl who looks so much like me, says, "Come on, Kitten, let's go see Aunty Mellie."


The little girl grins and nods her head, and they both leave without looking back. I go to take a step to follow, needing her near me, but stop when Clitter grips my arm.

"Come, baby, let's go find a room so the bitch and her brat can't interrupt us again."

I have to grit my teeth to stop snapping at her while pulling my arm from her hold, my eyes not leaving the bridal suite doorway.

"I've got to go see Dag."

Clitter huffs, "Fine. I'll see you at the reception, baby. I love you."

I ignore her because it's a bunch of bullshit. She doesn't love me; she loves my patch, and this is why I've barely touched her since being back. She called me several times a day when I was gone, constantly texting me. She's trying to stake a claim when she hasn't got one; she seems to think I wouldn't mind a sweet butt as an old lady because Amy, who used to be a sweet butt named Bubbles, is currently involved with our new brother Buzz. She never wanted to sleep with us brothers; she just thought she had to for safety until we set her straight after she tried to get involved with Axel's relationship.

After having a shot with the boys, we head to the front of the church. Gunner is standing next to Dagger with his and Leah's boy Alexander in his arms; they're miracle baby who never should have been conceived since her trauma with Razor. After everything they've been through, they deserve their happily ever after, and I just hope I get mine too.

I scan the crowd of brothers and family members to see if I can spot Meghan when Ink stands next to me. I can't see her, and I have to bite my lip to stop panicking that she's left. Axel takes his place; he's going to marry the happy couple, although I'm not really sure how they pulled that off. He shoots a grin to the front seats on the other side of the church; his old lady Annalise and their daughter Annabel are front and center before 'a Thousand Years by Christina Perry' starts to play.

We all look towards the back of the church as Leah walks down the aisle first; she's in the same dress as I saw on Meghan with the same hairstyle, and my heart rate picks up.

She's in the wedding?

When Leah gets closer, she winks at her man after grinning at seeing her baby boy in a little tux with a baby cut over it, then gives Dagger a kiss on the cheek, making Gunner hold in a growl. Dag smirks while I, ink, and Axel chuckle. The next bridesmaid enters, and my heart stops. Meghan starts to walk down the aisle, looking like a fucking vision. Her hand is holding the little girl's. I look at her properly this time; she's in a pretty white, flowery dress. Her brown hair is curly down her back, and her hazel eyes, which are so much like my own, are hesitant as she squeezes Meghan's hand. I can see from my side eye the brothers standing near me looking between me and the little girl. I know they've put two and two together, and they're right.

I know deep in my bones that she's my daughter; she's the spitting fucking image of me.

I feel like I'm about to break and fall apart.

Five years, I’ve missed five years.

Meghan grins at Dagger while the little girl quickly rushes up to him, hugging him tightly, making the women sigh and I tense.

Do they have a bond?

Does Dagger know this is my daughter?

Does he know this is my woman?

Once the little girl has kissed Dagger's cheek, she rushes off to Cammy, who instantly puts her on her lap.

Do they have a bond too?

What the fuck?

Meghan kisses Dagger's cheek, bringing my eyes back to her and off our little girl. I growl; I can't fucking help it; her lips are mine. Meghan takes her place IN FRONT of Leah, making my brows furrow.

She's the maid of honor?

Sophie walks past us next, in the same style of dress as the others, looking beautiful too. She also kisses Dagger's cheek, making Ink growl and us men grin as she stands behind Leah.

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