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I nod against her head. "I am thinking about her, Meg, but I'm also thinking about how my heart needs you. I know I haven't done right these past five years; I can't change that; I know I can't, but it's not like you've lived like a monk, also Wildcat."

The thought makes me murderous, but I'm not an idiot, or, well, I didn't think I was until she swallowed hard, not looking me in the eyes.

Realization hits me like a fucking train, and I squeeze her hip, making her look at me. "You haven't been with anyone else, have you? I'm your only one."

She swallows hard again but nods, and fuck me, does my cock harden.

Shit, she's all fucking mine.

Possessiveness overtakes me before I take her lips with mine, kissing her with passion and possession and letting her know how I fucking feel about that little bit of information. Guilt builds for not giving her the same, but I know I can't change it; all I can do is prove to her that they meant nothing and she means everything.

I slow the kiss, then run my nose along hers.

"This is happening, Meghan. You and Lilah, you're both mine; all you've got to do is catch up because I'm not letting you go again." I open the door for her and guide her with my arm that's around her waist: "Get our girl home, Wildcat, and call me as soon as she wakes."

She nods, and I kiss her one more time before watching her drive away. Fuck.

I swallow hard, rubbing the gold bracelet she still doesn't know I have, which she's not getting back before going down the street to Fire's Ink.

When I walk through the door, Ink is already waiting for me, and he nods me through. I nod and head to his room, taking a seat in his chair.

I tilt my head to the side.

"I want Lilah under Meghan's name with a rose. Big enough to see it but small enough to fit any other kids we may have because, like, fuck am I not having any more kids with her?"

He grins and nods his head. "Alright, brother." He sets his ink up before free-handing it to my neck while he talks, "I saw the feed; it looked fucking emotional."

I clear my throat, trying not to move. "Yeah, Meg had already told Lilah who she was seeing, and I definitely was not expecting it."

He smiles. "Your girl has a kind soul."

I smile and say, "Yeah, she has. I'm just hoping I can use that against her to win her back."

He nods. "You'll win her back, brother; us brothers, we're irresistible."

We both chuckle before my phone rings. My heart instantly speeds up seeing Wildcat flash on the screen, and Ink nudges me, "Answer it, brother."

I smile and do as he says.

Chapter 14


I put some more syringes in the drawer in the triage room. I'm restocking it while we're between patients and to kill time until the end of my shift with my mind wondering to Noah as always. Even before we finally found him, he was always on my mind. He was really great with Lilah at Sweet Treats; she already adores him. After we got home and I had to wake her to get inside, she cried her little heart out, realizing her daddy was gone.

I gently move Lilah's hair out of her face, and I hope I don't wake her by getting her out of the car, yet my hopes are dashed because as soon as I unclick her, her eyes open.

She looks around her hazel eyes, confused, before she realizes Daddy’s not here.


Tears build before they topple over, and sobs tear out of her little body.

I quickly pick her up and carry her inside while she screams for her daddy. My poor baby probably thinks it was all a dream. I unlock the front door before going inside and locking it again. I sit on the sofa before gently moving her hair out of her face and wiping away her tears.

"Kitten, would you like me to call Daddy?"

She sniffles and nods frantically, making me smile before grabbing my phone. The picture of Lilah clinging to Noah serves as my background. I know I shouldn't, but this man is my everything. I can want him from afar, right?

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