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Maybe I need to try and finally date.

Why does just the thought of that make my stomach clench?

Shaking my head, I call his number. He answers on the fourth ring,

"Wildcat, is everything okay?"

I don't answer him, but I do smile wide at the sparkle returning in my daughter's eyes. "Daddy?" she sniffles.

"Hey baby girl, why the sniffles?"

My heart rate picks up at the softness in his tone for our girl.

“I-I woke, and dad-daddy was gone."

I wipe her tears for her. "I'm sorry, princess. Next time we'll wake you to say bye, okay?"

She sniffles again as a buzzing sound echoes through the phone, and I furrow my brows and say, "O-OK, Daddy."

"I love you, baby girl."

My tears start to fall at his words. I swear this man, "I love you too, Daddy."

I swallow hard. Yep, we're definitely not going to happen; she needs all of him.

I blink when my phone vibrates, bringing me back, and I quickly grab it just in case it's about Lilah, but I scowl at seeing the unknown number.

Enough is enough now. I answered it.

"You've got to stop now."

I hear a sigh: "I'm your mother, Meghan."

I scoff, "No, you're not. You never have been; you know it, and I know it. Stop ringing me; I want nothing to do with you, and you are certainly not welcome anywhere near my daughter, especially with whatever man you believe she needs to be with. You come near her mother, and I promise you this, I'll become your worst nightmare."

"Meghan, this man is perfect for her; he's turning 42 this year and very handsome. They'll wed when she's 13."

"FUCK OFF YOU DOZY FUCKING COW." I hear her gasp, but I'm not finished. "I'm only telling you this once, mother dearest, so listen clearly. I. will. Kill. You. if you ever come near us, if you ever go near my daughter. Tell that to your sick husband and whatever man you're trying to sell my daughter off to. Contact me again and you’ll find out exactly what I’m capable of because she’s my daughter, SHE IS MINE.”

I hang up seething.

How dare she?

How fucking dare she?

I swear I don't care if I have to do time; Lilah has Noah now, and I know she'll be safe. If my parents come within twenty feet of her, I will kill them. Like hell, are they selling my girl.

I check the time and see I only have five minutes left of my shift, and I quickly go to the staff room for my stuff. I need to get out of here; I need to get my eyes on my little girl.

My heart is pounding in my chest, fear for my daughter building, which is ridiculous; they don't know where I am but tell my fricking heart that.

As soon as I get in my car, I take a breath. Maybe I need to call Noah, but I don't want to disturb him; he may be busy.


I start my car up and peel out of the parking lot, heading to the nursery. It doesn't take me long before I'm pulling up outside the building. I park up and rush in. Her case worker smiles at me, and I smile back before my girl rushes out to me. I take her in my arms and hold her tight before waving bye to Emily. I quickly walk back to my car while Lilah tells me all about Jacob, a cute little 2-year-old to whom she's become attached to.

I strap her in before deciding to take her to the park.

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