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P.S.I love the new Armani suits you’ve been wearing. They look amazing on you, sir.




Christmas Eve

My suitcases for Colorado Springs are waiting for me in my kitchen. Perfectly packed and organized, they’re devoid of anything that reminds me of corporate life and all remnants from this chapter of life I can’t wait to finish reading.

I don’t want any reminders while celebrating the holidays, and yet, instead of rushing to the airport with Dante, I’m wasting time in the office.

Perhaps it’s because I’m trying to postpone the inevitable conversation with him about not being ready to be married. I just want him to make his sales pitch, and maybe, just maybe, we can start over without my job getting between us.

As I’m reorganizing the assignment folders on the shelf, he sends me a text message.


Are you working late again today?

Not as late as usual. I’ll be ready to fly to Colorado tonight. I need to talk to you about something.


Me too. My last business podcast interview should be over in a couple of hours. Talk then?


“Miss Grey?”Dominic suddenly steps behind me, but I don’t turn around. The scent of his intoxicating cologne is rendering me speechless, and after spending so much time with him over the past six weeks, I need a second to face him.

“Miss Grey?” He clears his throat. “Can you hear me?”


“Can you turn around then?”

“I can hear you just fine this way. What do you want?”

He says nothing for several seconds, and I slowly give in and turn around, hating that he looks so damn good today. The top buttons on his white dress shirt are casually undone, and his mouth is curved into a soft smile.

“May I help you with something, sir?”

“Yes.” He closes the gap between us, leaving his lips a little too close to mine. “There’s a few things.”

“I’m finished with all my assignments.”

“That’s not why I’m here.” He presses his hands against the panels above my head, caging my body with his. “I thought you were gone home for the day.”

“I’m leaving soon.” I glance at his exposed chest and immediately wish I hadn’t. This room now feels like it’s too small for the two of us.

“I need to talk to you about something important,” he says. “Something I’ve been meaning to discuss with you for a very long time.”

“Well, whatever it is, can it wait until after Christmas?”

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