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“Sure,” I say, tugging out my phone and firing off a text to my sister.

I’ve got Jill.

In other words, she’s fine. She’s safe. And I won’t let it be any other way.

“How do you feel?” I ask, stowing my phone and kneeling down beside the bed.

“Good.” Is she looking at my mouth or it that my imagination? “Thank you for coming to get me.”

Her gratitude makes the tips of my ears burn. “Of course I did.”

A few seconds tick by. “Zach?”


“Why do you always come to my rescue?”

This conversation is veering toward dangerous territory. The answer is, because I love you. I’ve always loved you. But this physical relationship between us is so new. She asked me to help her explore her sexual urges—safely. As far as I know, that’s all she wants. End of story. That’s what makes sense considering how different we are. Her perfect, me an overgrown barbarian. If I tell her the truth about my feelings, I might terrify her. Lose what we have, even if it’s only temporary.

Still, I don’t have it in me to lie completely right now. Not when I’m raw from what happened in the parking lot.

“I come to your rescue because…” I clear my throat. “You’re my Jilly Beans.”

Her lips, soft from crying, puff open.

Leaning down to kiss her is natural as breathing. The only possibility.

That perfect mouth of hers opens underneath mine and we drag our tongues together slowly, the friction so hot, it feels forbidden. This is forbidden. We’re not supposed to be kissing like this in the nurse’s office, especially with the woman ten yards away, talking on the phone, but I don’t know how to stop when Jill’s lips are so smooth and now she’s tugging on my collar, pulling me closer, making breathy little noises that make my cock hard.

My hand reaches up to cup her cheek, the pace of the kiss accelerating. My eyes are closed so tight, trying to savor the texture of her mouth, but I can sense her back arching. And my hand drifts down automatically, traveling over the sexy swells of her tits, plumping them in my palms, teasing her nipples with my thumbs.

“How long do we have until she comes back?” Jill breathes against my mouth.

“Baby, we can’t go any further than this.” This is what I say, but my fingers are twisting the buttons free at the neckline of her dress so I can squeeze her little bare tits.

She presses them into my hands and I fondle those supple mounds greedily. “I need you,” she says, voice low. “Please.”

I barely trap a groan. “How?”

Her whisper is almost inaudible. “Inside me.”

Fuck. This isn’t happening right here. I’m still reeling from the impact of finding her hurt. Bleeding. Denying her right now? I don’t know if I have the strength, despite our surroundings. Despite the trouble we could be in if we’re caught. “No. We can’t. We can’t.”

One thing I learned about Jill on Saturday night is that she’s ballsy as hell when she gets turned on. And she’s extremely turned on right now, her gaze wide and excited on my straining dick. “Come with me.”

Before I can question her meaning, she’s climbing off the bed and disappearing into the small bathroom reserved for the nurse’s office. No. I’m not doing this. I’m not risking Jill getting expelled. But even as I chant these denials in my head, I’m moving toward the bathroom as if hypnotized. I stop at the edge of the curtain to make sure the nurse isn’t looking and find her leaned back, eating a yogurt at her desk, deep in conversation about tanning sprays.

And I follow Jill into the bathroom, locking the door behind us.

The space smells like lemon cleaning products, but Jill’s airy scent cuts through it all, her body finding mine in the dark, our mouths tangling together with a soundless moan.

“You’re injured,” I say, walking her backward until she’s trapped between me and the wall. “You’re a virgin.” Our fingers collide in a rush to yank down her panties. “This isn’t good enough for you. Stop me, Jill. Stop me.”

She takes my hand and guides it between her thighs, pressing my fingers into the slick folds of her pussy. “No.” She slides my touch up and back. “Feel how bad I need you?”

“Yes. Jesus,” I pant, finding her clit with my middle and index finger, rubbing it in firm circles, gratified when she has to cling to my T-shirt in response, her mouth open and whimpering on my shoulder. “We don’t have long. We have to be quiet.”

“I know.” Her exhale is bumpy. “But I can’t wait.”

“Fuck, baby. Neither can I.” I unzip my jeans, pushing them, along with my briefs down to my ankles where they rest on my boots. Then I stoop down and wrap my arm around Jill’s ass, lifting her. She wraps her thighs around my waist and I pin her to the wall, breathing against her lips like a bull getting ready to charge. “Tell me you’re sure.”

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