Author: Mary Kennedy
Category: Romance
Total pages: 57

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Eastman Matthew Wolfkill, better known as East, is one-third of the Wolfkill triplets. Sent to El Paso to try and figure out what the father of Morgan Sutton is doing with his drug cartel, he finds something he never expected. His childhood love. Both are trying to bring down a man who thoroughly believes he is untouchable. A man who sold his own daughter to a ruthless drug dealer for payment of his own debt. A man who doesn't think twice about killing men, women, and children. East gets some unexpected help from family and friends. But what he really gets is what he's always wanted.

Brooke Elizabeth Liffey has been in love with Eastman Wolfkill since they were children. Recognizing that they needed to follow their own paths, she waited while he became and elite Green Beret. She waited. But followed her dreams as well. Now as an agent for the DEA, she's undercover inside Green Sutton's gang. She never expected to see the man she's loved her entire life in front of her. Never. After the initial shock, along with their friends and family, they devise a plan to stop the madman and bring some peace to his daughter. It won't be easy, but then again, nothing the Voodoo Guardians do is easy.

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