Brutal Desire

Author: M. James
Category: Dark | Adult | Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 82

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Brutal Desire

I’ve already made a deal with one mafia boss. I have no intention of falling prey to another.

The mafia boss I owed my loyalty to is dead–killed by a rival family. With him gone, I’m forced to pick up the pieces of my life, and make sure my little brother is cared for. But my job as a ballerina and moonlighting at a Los Angeles club aren’t enough, and soon I’m forced to consider other options.

Lorenzo Campano seems like one of those options. But he’s not willing to make the same deal that I had before. He says he’s not interested in having me in his bed–but the way he looks at me says otherwise.

Instead, the work he gives me drags me further into the criminal world of the mafia. And as that work draws us closer together, the lines between business and pleasure blur more and more.I thought I knew what this life entailed. But I only scratched the surface before–and I no longer know if I want out.

This life is a brutal one. But there’s one lesson I have yet to learn.

In the end, desire always wins.

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