Author: Abi Vale
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 42

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When a group of rogue pyromancers wreak havoc in Silverpaw Hollow, threatening the safety of humans and shifters alike, it's up to my brothers and me to extinguish the flames and prevent further chaos. Especially as we soon realize that the fire has magical properties, and water won't quench the infernos.

Enter Amber, a hotshot firefighter, whose beauty and spirit set my heart on fire but oh…she suspects I’m the culprit.

Sparks fly when I meet Emmett Furbane--literally. He's big, growly, and possessive, and I don't understand the magnetic pull toward the thrill-seeking man, who's my opposite in every way. I've seen so much danger in my job, I try to stay away from it in my personal life, while Emmett runs into it head first.

Yet I can't deny that Emmett’s fire and my calm come together like yin and yang. He reminds me that I'm still alive and I give him a safe place to land.

But when the real perpetrators of the fires come after me, it may take more than love to keep me safe...

Will our band of brothers from Grizzly Guardians risk their most guarded secrets to protect their fated mates from harm?
These fierce, territorial bear shifters shield their clients from threats far and wide. When danger strikes close to home, they come face to face with their greatest challenge; safeguarding their hearts while protecting the women they’re destined to possess and love.
If brooding, paranormal shapeshifters obsessed with their fated mates are your "bear-nip," you’ll fall in love with the Guardian brothers’ clan.

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