The Billionaire's Hire (The Venture Capital Trilogy)

Rule Number 2: NEVER fall for the billionaire.

Cole Bryson is perfect. He's the man of my dreams. He's sexy, handsome, and more importantly, fiercely protective and loving. He makes me feel worthy. He makes me feel safe.

Too bad it's a fairytale. And I know better to believe in those.

Cole's hired me back, but we can't ever be together. His father has seen to that. He's trapped me in a web of lies I can't escape from. And when the stakes get higher, and Cole's father asks me to do his bidding, I'm caught in a trap of my own making. It might not look like it, but I've always tried to be a good girl. To do the right thing. I love Cole, and I'll do anything to protect him.

Including sacrifice myself in this billionaire's game.

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