Author: ChaShiree M, M.K. Moore
Category: Romance
Total pages: 24

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Life was sweet until it wasn't. I've known the love a good family prior to and after leaving the group home, but that dark year in the middle? I still have nightmares about it. As a math wiz, I do what I can to help my brother's build our empire, but something's missing. Then I meet her. The other piece of my soul and I know nothing will ever be the same again.

Growing up, I had it all. Money, friends, things to do. As a plus-size girl, I never had a man want me for me until I met him. The tall, dark, and exotic brother of my best friend's husband. He wants me for me, but who am I really? A spoiled, rich girl who doesn't know what love is.

Duke is a dirty, dirty man with a hearty appetite for the one woman made for him.

Can they overcome all of their personal issues and just let love in?

Yeah, they totally can, but it will be the emotional rollercoaster you have come to expect from this series. ChaShiree M. & M.K. Moore bring the heat and the heart in the third book in the Mansion On The Hill series.

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