The Arrangement 24 (The Arrangement 24)

Author: H.M. Ward
Category: Romance | Adult
Series: The Arrangement
Total pages: 14

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The Arrangement 24 (The Arrangement 24)

Volume 24 in the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Arrangement Series

When the dust clears, it's time for life to move forward with Sean Ferro. His beautiful wind swept hair and his jaw dusted with dark stubble makes me want to roll back with him into the sand. I don't want to face what's waiting at home. Not yet.

Life is about to shift again. Some parts happy, like expecting a beautiful baby and a second chance at love. My blue-eyed soul mate is eager, ready to begin anew. Other parts of life are unknown. Like where do I stand in the mess I left behind? How do I go on from here? It feels like we're walking on demon husks, treading on our past sins carefully so we do not rouse them. But in the end it doesn't matter. Fate has already decided.

It's not until we're back in New York that I realize the chain of events that were set it motion. By me. Billionaires can't save me. The Ferro name can't protect us. If I want to ensure my family is safe, I have to be the one to do it. Surviving justifies anything, right? I finally understand the lengths to which I must go to ensure our survival. FML. Things are about to get hard again.

Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense approx 125 pgs ea
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