The Way Her SEAL Cares

Author: Ember Davis
Category: Romance | War
Total pages: 24

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The Way Her SEAL Cares

Going out to celebrate the championship hockey season of one of my best friends shouldn’t have put me in danger, but it did. I didn’t know dinner would lead to threats. Landon Sullivan, my boss at one of the top protection agencies in New York, is determined to keep me safe.

Can I really accept his help? He’s gruff and barely tolerates me on the best of days. He doesn’t need to know how much I want him or how often I fantasize about him. Nothing will ever happen between us; he’s made it clear he doesn’t care about me as anything more than his employee.

Will I be able to keep my attraction under control when Landon insists on keeping me close to protect me? Will he let down his walls or will I be left heartbroken and still alone?

Piper has been a temptation since the moment I met her. I hired her to keep an eye on her, but then I’ve held her at arm’s length. It’s not fair, but I know I have too much baggage and I won’t burden her with it. She deserves so much better than I can give her.

When she’s threatened, nothing will stop me from keeping her safe, even my own demons. I’ve known she’s mine since I met her and now it’s time to show her. I’ll use all my skills as a former SEAL along with the weight of the protection agency I’ve built to keep the threat away from her.

I’ll prove to Piper that she can trust me, not just with her safety but her heart as well. I’ll show her the way I care about her and then never let her go.