Doctor Knows Best

Author: Suzanne Jenkins
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 36

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Doctor Knows Best

When the love of your life has been there all along but you didn’t recognize her, what will it take for you to notice?

And once you do, if she’s afraid of love, you must find a way to convince her you’re meant to be together and that the doctor always knows best.

Handsome medical student Jason and gorgeous law student Lily went to the same high school and college. From different walks of life, their paths never crossed until a freak snowstorm put them together at last.

A beautiful beginning to their relationship is thwarted by mishaps along the way. What will it take for shy Lily to accept that she’s loveable, and worthy of Jason? Obstacles include her obstinate father who has already succeeded in undermining her self confidence.

Finally, when it appears their problems are insurmountable, Jason’s mother doesn’t mince words, and saves the day.

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