A Touch of Gluttony

Author: Euryia Larsen
Category: Romance
Total pages: 9

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A Touch of Gluttony

Dr. Nicola Wilson
All my life I’ve done everything that was expected. Never pursuing anything beyond that. Then I decided to splurge, a touch of gluttony as my parents called it. I didn’t mind, it made me happy, until I hit my fantasy *man* come to life.

Callum “Cal” Murphy the Third
I recently left the Marines and I’ve been feeling a bit lost, that is until my bicycle is hit by the woman of my dreams. As she takes care of me I’m making plans to take care of her. She’s mine, and I'm never letting her go.

Virtue—sincere, wholesome living as the remedy and atonement for sin. Vice—freedom to lose all your inhibitions and give in to your wildest desires. Two sides of the same wicked coin.

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