Deep in Winter

Author: Penny Asher-Darke
Category: Romance
Total pages: 87

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Deep in Winter

Winter Harris

Being offered a job at the exclusive, luxurious Chateau Balthazar in Aspen is a dream come true.
Not only is it a promotion, but I’m romantically involved with the three stunning men who own it. Men who are corrupting, ensnaring, and demanding.
But it’s not just their beds that I’m tangled up in, but fraught family dynamics too. Ones they’re certain I can resolve.
I’m not about to get distracted by family politics though. My career comes first, this new opportunity key to rebuilding my lost reputation.
Except Luca is too attentive, Reuben too irresistible, and Brecken is my warrior king who fights every battle from my past.
I am nothing without them.
But together? Together we could be everything.

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