Holly and the Ghost of Christmas

Author: Kate Tilney
Category: Romance
Total pages: 23

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Holly and the Ghost of Christmas

With the help of a Christmas spirit, a sunny business exec and her grumpy new co-worker go from enemies to lovers when they're stuck together over the holidays.

It's our first Christmas without Mom. But rather than spend it together, my sisters have gone to opposite sides of the country, leaving me alone. That's okay. I'll just skip Christmas and focus on my career. Which is great, because I'm expecting a promotion in my stocking this year.

Or maybe not. Instead of giving me the job, my boss asks me to mentor his prodigal son for the role. We instantly clash, which makes throwing the office holiday party together anything but merry and bright.

But after we're forced to spend a night together in close quarters, the way Jonas and I see each other changes. When the friendly bell ringer outside our office encourages me to stop worrying about the future and the past to focus on the present, I take her advice and set out to make new holiday memories with my former frenemy.

Could spending the holidays with Jonas bring me the greatest gift of all? Or will I be unable to shake the ghosts of my past and future to find love in the present?

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