Kissed By Kringle

Author: Audrey Bell
Category: Romance
Total pages: 32

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Kissed By Kringle

Break out the mistletoe, it's time for Kissing 101!


This year, I'm not waiting on Santa Claus or Christmas wishes for my first kiss. At twenty-one years old, I'm finally taking matters into my own hands. The problem is...I have no idea what I'm doing. Then my brother opens his big fat mouth. When he tells his best friend - and my long-time crush - Theo Greely, that I'm seeking to conquer my lack of romantic experience, I want nothing more than to become a ghost of Christmas past and vanish right through the floor.

To my surprise, Theo takes me under his wing and shows me how to navigate the dating scene. Including kissing lessons.

My best friend's little sister, Haley Talbot, has always been more interested in books than boys. Except this Christmas. She has her sights set on getting her first kiss and I don't know why that gets under my skin so much. I will kill anyone who breaks her heart. But when I find myself snowed in with Haley at her family's cabin, I realize I don't want to see her under the mistletoe kissing anyone else except me.

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