Q is for…

Author: L. Dubois
Category: Romance
Total pages: 91

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Q is for…

Nomi Thalia is very careful when it comes to picking partners. She knows what she wants, but more importantly she knows what other people—men—want. And most of the time, what they want isn’t her.

Blind dates and assigned partners are two of her worst nightmares, so when Las Palmas announces the new game, Nomi is ready to run. It may be L.A.’s most exclusive kink club, but she’d rather resign her membership than play this “game” and sub for a man who might hurt her in the non-fun way.

But Tareq Zine has other ideas. For a Dom who believes the power exchange is about far more than physical pleasure and pain, gaining Nomi’s trust is going to be just as enjoyable as turning her over his knee.

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