Starlit Skies

Author: Suzanne Cass
Category: Romance
Total pages: 72

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Starlit Skies

They’re polar opposites, with only one thing in common…they survived the helicopter crash…but that’s just the beginning.

Acclaimed chef, Skylar, is perfectly happy with her life. She has her food and her family luxury eco-resort to keep her busy. But when she hears the unmistakable sound of a muffled scream and confronts a sadistic husband hurting his wife, she finds herself on the other end of the man’s violent fists.

Senior Constable Nash can’t believe Skylar put herself in such danger. Nash has admired her from afar for over two years. He even asked her on a date, but she shot him down in flames. Resigned to the fact they will never be together; Nash wants only to protect her from herself.

But on a shared helicopter ride to return home from testifying at the abusive husband’s court case, their aircraft is shot down. Lost in remote far North Queensland, Nash and Skylar have only their wits to help them survive.

Whoever crashed their helicopter is now also hunting them through the tropical jungle, intent on seeing them dead.

Skylar seems to be all that she portrays on the surface, sophisticated, cool and self-reliant. But when Nash digs deeper, he begins to uncover the truth about her past not even her family know. Secrets are often dark, and everyone has them. But Skylar and Nash will need to share their deepest fears if they are to survive.

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