Dark Escapes

Author: Effie Campbell
Category: Romance
Total pages: 87

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Dark Escapes

‘If you can’t love me right, then love me wrong.’

Esther is trapped in a terrifying situation: she's set to marry the man who killed her mother. Desperate to escape her fate, she flees into the night, only to be caught by Alec, one of her father’s enforcers, a dangerous man with tattoos and a ruthless streak. 

Despite her best efforts to fight him at every turn, the chemistry between them sizzles and sparks, leaving her torn between her growing desire for him and her need to escape. 

As Alec battles with his own growing feelings, the two of them find themselves on a dark road trip, facing danger at every turn. But will their attraction be enough to save them, or will it ultimately lead to their downfall? 

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