Room Five: What You Can't See

Author: Ember Davis
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult
Total pages: 39

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Room Five: What You Can't See

Being a mafia princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and the only person who understands is my best friend, Fleur, who happens to be a motorcycle club princess. We forged our friendship in understanding, and we keep it going by finding adventure together. That’s what led us to Club Sin and every time we go back it feels like we’re searching for something.

I never thought I’d come face-to-face with the Falsini Triplets at Club Sin. I thought I could go unnoticed, but they know who I am and now they know my secret. There is a price to pay for their silence, but it’s worth it. Right up until I lose my heart to the three men my family will never accept.

After taking over for our father, my brothers and I want more than the scraps the Falsini family have been allowed before. Our sister had her sights set on Dante Guidice, but she failed and made our family an embarrassment. We’ve been making plays, but we need a bigger plan. Dante might be the king of New Orleans when it comes to organized crime, but getting the Guidice princess on our side will bring us more power.

What happens when it’s more than just a plan and I give into wanting Viola forever?

Following Viola to find a weakness we can use against the Guidice family isn’t a bad job considering she’s a gorgeous woman. I never expected to find out her secret is the time she spends at Club Sin. Now that I know, I want nothing more than to use it to our advantage. I’ll thoroughly enjoy putting our plan into motion and finding out what makes her fall apart behind closed doors.

The moment we get her between us, it becomes more than an advantage; it becomes a claiming.

My brothers have never had much vision outside of the business and their quest for power, not like me. I’ve known Viola was the endgame and have been working toward making her our princess for longer than I’ll admit to my brothers. They had to think it was all their idea. The plan may put us and Viola in danger, but she’s worth it and always has been.

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