Hidden Truths

Author: Neva Altaj
Category: Romance | Adult | Dark | Crime
Total pages: 81

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Hidden Truths


Bratva is my home.
My sanctuary from the past.
The only place where a killing machine like me belongs.

Sometimes, my demons come rushing back,
And I feel out of control, full of rage,
Close to losing myself completely.

Until a broken, injured woman stumbles onto my path,
Awakening my protective instincts,
And sending my demons to sleep.

Keeping her prisoner is my only option.
If she leaves,
My darkness will resurface,
And there will be no escaping it this time.


That’s all I can do,
Only to end up in the hands of a crazed killer.

Now, I’m fighting to stay away from my enemies,
And trying to not fall for a man I shouldn’t want.

But what will happen when we both reveal our hidden truths?

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