Papi's Protection (Crime Boss Daddies)

Author: Laylah Roberts
Category: Romance | Dark | Erotic | Crime
Total pages: 122

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Papi's Protection (Crime Boss Daddies)

He’s the deadliest man in the city. Ruthless. Powerful. Wicked.
And Cat needs to get his attention.
Because Alejandro De Leon might have information about how her father died. And why her mother disappeared.
Only problem is . . . the closer she gets to him, the more he draws her in.
And when he claims her, she doesn’t exactly want to tell him no.

No one tells Alejandro De Leon no.
Certainly not a tiny, sassy girl with no sense of self-preservation.
When she walks into a room with the deadliest men in the city, her fate is sealed.
She would be his.
He’d be her lover, her Dom, her Daddy.
But could he ever give her his heart?

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