Where We Fall

Author: Callie Timmins
Category: Romance
Total pages: 24

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Where We Fall


I left Autumn River with dreams of grandeur, fueled by the desire to make a name for myself as a city reporter. I longed to chase down celebrities, uncover their untold stories, and revel in the glory of seeing my own name in bold print. But now, I find myself back home, my once-burning enthusiasm reduced to smoldering embers. No one, not even my family, knows what made me return home.

Working at the Autumn River Daily feels like a never-ending routine, a pale shadow of the exhilaration I once craved at the prestigious LA Times. My big ambitions have been replaced by a bitter resignation, accepting the fate of being a small-town reporter as just another disappointment on my ever-growing list.

Until I'm tasked with interviewing one of Autumn River's citizens for a human interest article. At first, it seems like a mundane assignment, hardly the stuff of dreams. But as time goes on, my curiosity grows, and there's something vaguely familiar about Clarissa McArthur's stories. Something that reminds me of Lucy Landon's, my favorite romance author, books.

When your livelihood depends on your creativity, it's never a good thing when writer's block strikes. My spark fizzled out with my last relationship. and my readers are itching for an update on a new release. Staying with my Gran is a chance to reignite my passion and hopefully find the words that have been so elusive. Hiding out in Autumn River is perfect, because no one knows who I really am. Until the gorgeous reporter starts hanging around, interviewing Gran, asking questions that threaten to expose me. Can I enjoy her company while keeping my identity a secret? Or will she discover who I really am and destroy everything I've worked so hard for?

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