Honor's Revenge

Author: Mari Carr
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance
Total pages: 141

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Honor's Revenge

A seduction laced with secrets. Danger hidden in lies. A forbidden love that might get them killed.

Sylvia enjoys beautiful things and when two handsome men knock on her door, the desire is instant and scorching. Lancelot is sexy-dangerous, Hugo is sexy-smart, and Sylvia expects to shock them by proposing a menage. But Hugo and Lancelot are part of a secret society with some very interesting rules. And they’re asking odd, pointed questions about her past.

Hugo wants to protect her. Lancelot knows they need to use her. After all…she’s the key to finding a killer.

In the hunt for an enemy who will stop at nothing to bring down the Masters Admiralty, both men are forced to decide between completing their mission or saving the only woman they could ever love.

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