Just a Holiday Hangout

Author: Katie Nelson
Category: Romance
Total pages: 46

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Just a Holiday Hangout

This holiday hangout is about to get turned upside down…royally.

Everything about Ada James is on point—from the tip of her manicured nails to her sleek extension-laden ponytail. No one can rattle her. Except, apparently, the handsome, charming Arlo Silva.

And now, after humiliating her last year, he’s crashing her Christmas vacation.

Aspiring DJ Arlo has been out of the country for months on tour, but he can’t stop thinking about the fierce blonde he accidentally stood up a year ago. Determined to explain why he ghosted her, this week together is the second chance Arlo didn’t think he’d have.

But before he can make things right, a wealthy client makes him an offer he can’t refuse—in Brazil. The only catch is that Arlo’s niece has been entrusted to his care. So unless he can find a nanny to accompany them, the deal is off…

An all-expenses-paid adventure is too tempting for Ada to turn down, even if it is with Arlo. But when the destination and his identity aren’t what she expected, Ada finds herself tangled in nobility…and Arlo’s arms.