Truly Mine

Author: Nichole Rose
Category: Erotic | Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 38

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Truly Mine

When the man of her dreams decides to fight fire with fire, this curvy girl might just go down in flames…

Zayne Carmichael

The moment I set eyes on Emma Cooper, I knew she was meant to be mine.
Unfortunately, my shy little lamb loves the word no.
She's been rejecting me since day one.
So I'm breaking out the big guns and fighting fire with fire.
She's got too much on her shoulders.
Mine were made to support her hectic world.
By the end of the week, this curvy goddess will be mine.
Even if I have to lie my way into her life and charm her whole damn family first.

Emma Cooper
Hot, bossy, and relentless. That's Zayne Carmichael.
And the crazy man has his sights set on me.
He has no clue just how different our lives really are.
He owns his own private security company.
I spend half of every day chasing after my grandma and her sister.
Believe me, it's more complicated than it sounds. They're both eighty going on eighteen.
I know Zayne's lying when he says I'm in danger, but he insists on following me anyway.
Fine. He wants to play that game? I'll let him.
If he hasn't fled by the end of the day, it'll be a miracle.
There's just one problem.
The longer I spend with him, the less I want him to flee.

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