Step-Savage (Wanting What's Wrong)

Author: Dani Wyatt
Category: Erotic | Sports | Romance | Adult
Total pages: 57

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Step-Savage (Wanting What's Wrong)

I was just going to give her a ride.

When my new stepsister's car breaks down in an alley, my white knight complex kicks in. Hard.

Only, what I didn't expect was a curly blonde doll with ice blue eyes and the softest asset I've ever felt up.

All I ever wanted in life was to be the best at what I do and that's play hockey. At least, that's what I thought until I tasted her lips and my world started spinning on the ice.

My obsession for my little songbird of a new sister goes beyond madness.

I'll take her.
I'll keep her.

She's melted my heart and set me on a collision course toward the one thing in life I swore I didn't want. A wife. Children. A family.

She's more than off limits. She's hiding something that could be our ruin.
But, one thing is certain. I'm scoring the winning goal and bringing home my prize.

Welcome to the family sis.
I play for keeps.