Beautiful Chains (Molotov Betrothal)

Author: Anna Zaires
Category: Dark | Romance | Adult | Erotic | Crime
Total pages: 60

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Beautiful Chains (Molotov Betrothal)

Alexei Leonov. My stalker. My captor. And now, my husband.

On a yacht in the middle of the Pacific, he is the source of and solace from my suffering.

He will stop at nothing until I’m bound to him in every way. And marriage is only the beginning.

For eleven years, I’ve plotted and waited, consumed with fantasies of what it would be like once Alina Molotova was finally mine.

Now that I have her, my obsession with her is only getting stronger. My plans for her may be ruthless, but I’ll do whatever it takes to chain her to me—mind, body, and heart.

Only, there’s one thing I didn’t count on. One variable I didn’t plan for.

The twisted hand of fate.

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