Single Mom's Sparkle

Author: Kai Lesy
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 56

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Single Mom's Sparkle

I may not be the broke-down single mom I once was...
But having a baby with three gorgeous men I just met is insane. Even for me.

Not so long ago, I was stranded on an icy road with two little girls.
Kellan, Fallon, and Luke came to our rescue when we needed a miracle.

They cherished my little girls as their own,
Protected us from my abusive ex husband.
And showed me I was deserving of love - and scorching HOT romance.

But everything changed when I became pregnant.

The three of them are keeping something BIG from me.
The kind of secret that could change everything.
Now I can't help but wonder: Was I was a fool all along?


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