The Billionaire's Twin Lessons

Author: Holly Rayner
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance | Adult
Total pages: 50

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The Billionaire's Twin Lessons

My family have farmed here for generations,
If we have to sell, it won’t be to this city boy.
I wanted to teach him a lesson about how we do it here in the country…
That is, until I became pregnant with his twins!

Forced to sell her family’s farm, Nicole Brooke is horrified when the buyer turns out to be some clueless city billionaire. Infuriatingly handsome he may be, but it’s clear he doesn’t know the first thing about farming; surely it’s just a matter of time before he admits his mistake and moves on? And if not, well, she might just have to take matters into her own hands…

Brendan Greenwood is a businessman in need of a new start. Drawn to a dairy farm in north Texas by dreams of clean air and lush fields, he soon sees he’s fresh out of his depth.

Help arrives in in the form of the farm’s previous owner; she’s prickly and tough, but fragile in a way he can’t put his finger on. And it’s not long before he realizes that the stubborn, furious little farmer has wormed her way into his heart.

The simple life turned out to be not so simple after all – and two adorable surprises are about to make things even more complicated!

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