Fooling the Forward

Author: Jacob Chance
Category: Romance
Total pages: 82

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Fooling the Forward

Ryder Goode has been my celebrity crush since he signed on with the Charleston Coyotes. Watching him race around the ice has become a favorite pastime of mine.

Despite him being one of my brother’s teammates, we’ve never met. At least not until he cashes in on the prize he won in a charity auction—one weekend with me as his personal chef.

During those two days, every preconceived notion I have about him gets annihilated, leaving me wanting to learn more about the kind and generous man.

So when he asks me to stay on as his full-time chef, I accept. And when the two of us can’t keep our hands off each other, I warn him I’ll never fall for him.

Even though it’s too late—I already have.

Although I might be trying to fool the forward, it turns out, I’m only fooling myself.

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