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But she’s not going to stop there. She dances over near a couch and gently lifts one leg so that her pussy’s displayed for the crowd. Then, sucking the flute into her mouth, she laves it up before gently reaching down and pressing it against her hot hole. Yes, this is really happening. The bad girl is fucking herself with a flute in front of an audience, and judging from her labored breathing and heaving tits, she loves it.

Sure enough, the implement begins to disappear inch by inch into her pinkness. The flesh is swollen and gorgeous as it slowly swallows up the instrument, and Michelle moans again, throwing her head back as she’s penetrated deep. I watch, hard as a rock, as ten inches of that gleaming steel disappears into her pussy.

In the next minute the spotlight shuts off, and a sensual music begins playing through the overhead speakers. I blink, startled, but to my surprise, Michelle’s right at my elbow now, those pink curves still heaving.

“Did you finish?” I growl, my eyes glued to her lushness. “Are you satisfied, honey?”

She shakes her head, her pupils dilated.

“No, because I’m waiting for you, Mister.”

I nod, quickly looking around. Quite a few of the girls are already on their knees before the male patrons, cooing with delight as they suckle and stroke hard flesh. One is even lying on her back on the bar, her legs up in the air as a man drinks straight from her dripping cunt.

But that’s not what I want. I crave Michelle, and only this woman. As a result, I take her hand and look into those mesmerizing sapphire eyes.

“I want you to come to my suite with me.”

“You do?” she mewls, panting slightly.

Reaching behind her, I grab her ass and lift her, pressing our bodies together close so that I can grind my hardness against her swollen vee, making her mewl with anticipation.

“Yes, I’m very fucking sure, sweetheart. Call me Ben, by the way.”

And with that, the dance begins.



The air is cool on my skin as we wend our way through a long series of corridors to Ben’s suite. I’m not surprised he keeps an abode at the compound because most of the members do. It’s convenient, and I’ve heard that quite a few like to stay here full-time, even if they have luxurious apartments elsewhere in the city.

Finally, we enter his suite, and it’s beautifully furnished and elegantly decorated, just like everything at Club Z. Hardwood floors gleam in a light walnut, and a black leather couch dominates the massive living space. There’s a marble fireplace which looks like it works, and also a kitchen area off to the side with full-size silver-colored appliances and an island set with wooden stools. A door on the right leads to what must be the master suite, but instead of heading straight there, Ben seats me on the couch and grabs a wooly throw blanket for me.

“Don’t want you getting cold before we get to the best part,” he growls.

“Thanks,” I titter, wrapping the white material around my shoulders. “I appreciate it.”

“Would you like a drink?” he asks.

I bite my lip, a bit surprised that he’s not pouncing on the goods right away, but then smile and nod.

“Sure. I’ll take whatever you’re having.”

Ben walks to the bar set up in the kitchen and I make myself comfortable on the couch. Wow, it’s nice here.

“I’ll turn up the heat,” he calls from the kitchen. “Give me just a sec.”

With that, I smile and nod. But then I catch myself. What am I doing, wrapped in a big blanket, for god’s sake? This is Club Z and I need to behave like a Club Z hostess. After all, they hire us to be naughty and slutty while meeting the needs of the male members. At first, my therapist didn’t think this job was going to be a good fit for me, and I shake my head at the memory of our conversation.

“Michelle,” Dr. Stein said in a serious tone. “Do you really think this is a good idea? You’ve only just stabilized, and a job like that has a lot of ups and downs. Why not work retail? Or as a secretary?”

“No, the position’s perfect,” I said carelessly. “You know how much I hated being in lock-up, and besides, I need ups and downs because I need the adrenaline rush. If it sucks, I’ll just quit,” I said with a shrug.

Thus, my foray into adult entertainment began. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how much I’d like it either, seeing that I am psychologically considered a bit “unstable.” But that’s in my past, and between medication and regular visits to my therapist, I think I’m okay now. In fact, I love working as a hostess, and can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

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