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Kiss me, Elijah.

Please, kiss me.

She waited.

He didn’t move.

Or did he?

His face seemed a little closer, and then, against all odds, she grew tired and wanted to kiss him. Sliding her hand up his chest, she gripped the back of his neck, pulled him down, and kissed him hard. Their lips touched and Josie expected him to pull back, to tell her no, but he didn’t. Instead, the hand at her back moved up, gripping the back of her head as he deepened the kiss.

She felt on cloud freaking nine. It was so good.

With his other hand, he grabbed her hip, pulling her closer, and she felt the hard edge of his cock as they held one another.

“Fuck, Josie, I only have so much strength. You’re going to have to tell me to stop,” he said.

“What if I don’t want you to stop?” she asked.

She never did anything like this. Elijah was a stranger. But it was like she had known him her whole life, and this felt so right.

Sliding her hands down his chest, she grabbed his shirt and began to tug it out from the confines of the pants. Elijah took over, grabbing the shirt and tugging it over his head.

“Touch me,” he said.

He grabbed her wrists and put her hands on him. He was so warm.

He held her hips stroking the hipline, and then began to work the shirt over her head. She didn’t need to take over, because he knew exactly what he was doing. She wasn’t wearing a bra. The clothes he brought her didn’t come with one, and she had to wash the one she’d been wearing.

“Oh, fuck me,” he said.

His hands went to her tits, and he cupped them, holding them up as if in offering, and then, sliding his thumbs across each peak. “So fucking beautiful,” he said.

That simple touch sent a wave of pleasure straight to her clit. She pressed her legs together, loving the sensations that traveled through her body. She didn’t want any of them to stop. Gritting her teeth, she tried to focus, but that was long gone. All she had now was pleasure. Mindless, amazing pleasure. She opened her eyes, staring up at him, and his intense dark browns looked at her. They both stood, their chests naked.

“Do you want this?” he asked. “Do you want me to fuck you, Josie?”

“Yes.” She didn’t give herself time to think or even care what his question meant. This was a trip for her to experience and to feel.

From the moment Elijah had stumbled into her world yesterday, she had been on a whirlwind ride. He knew her so well, which seemed impossible, because most of the time she didn’t even know herself.

Elijah cupped her cheek, tilted her head back, and then his lips were on her.

She did know something—this was what she wanted. No doubt. His lips were like magic, and when his tongue traced across her lips, she was more than ready to open up to him.

He plundered her mouth, and another moan escaped her. His hands were moving from her tits, going down to her waist, and pushing the sweatpants down—or at least trying to. She’d tied them so freaking tight, that he had no choice but to tug on the drawstring. The moment he did, they fell to the floor and she stepped out of them. She wasn’t wearing any panties either.

What she didn’t want, was to be the only one naked, so she broke the kiss long enough to sink to her knees in front of Elijah and pull his pants down. The moment she did, his cock sprang out. He was long, thick, and the pre-cum leaked out of the tip. She didn’t want to leave him alone. Wrapping her fingers around his dick, she stroked him, tilting her head back to look up at him.

He reached down, wrapped her hair around his fist, and on instinct, she took his cock into her mouth. Just the tip, and she tasted his pre-cum on her tongue.

This was so freaking daring, but she didn’t care. Josie acted on need, on passion, and nothing was going to stop her. This was what she wanted.

“Oh, fuck,” he said.

Lifting her gaze to his, she still had his cock in her mouth, and she sunk a little lower, taking him to the back of her throat. She tried to take more of him, but she ended up gagging on the length, and so she pulled away, giving herself breathing room. But she wasn’t done with him. She loved the feel of his cock in her mouth, and she wanted to feel him cum, to fill her mouth with his seed, so she could swallow him down.


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