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“I said a lot of things. But we don’t need to worry about that right. now. Is Edison up?” My eyes dart around the room looking for my son. Like he’s hiding or something. Jeez!

She smirks at me. “No. For once he appears to be sleeping in. I think meeting you tuckered him out yesterday.”

Giving her a smug smile, I lean against the door frame, doing my damnedest not to reach out and grab her. She looks sexy as hell, all rumpled and flushed. I want to pull her in and give her a big kiss but I’m scared to do that. Scared that I’ll make her run again.

I sigh and push those thoughts aside. “You’ve got to make me a promise, Candy. You’ve got to promise me that you’ll never run from me again. I cannot lose you and Edison. It’s not fair to me. Every time I make a decision to do something, I’m second-guessing myself, hoping that I don’t scare you into running again.”

She nods, the light gone from her eyes. “I know it was a mistake, Finn. I know it. I knew it at the time. There was just so much going on and I couldn’t handle it all and you.” She waves her slim hands back and forth between the two of us. “Couldn’t handle the feelings I had for you. God, I wish I had been braver, stronger, something,” she huffs out, her hazel eyes sad.

I sigh and reach out, tugging her into my arms. At first, she’s stiff and unyielding in the circle of my arms but then she relaxes slowly, one muscle at a time, until she’s curled up against my chest and I lean down, breathing in the sweet smell of her hair. Feeling her smooth skin under my hands when she shivers deliciously against me.

My breath puffs out of me quicker and I feel my dick stretching in my jeans, the monster pushing against the zipper so hard that I gasp, straining to hold her and yet keep her from feeling how damn turned on she gets me.

I jump when the door heaves behind me and there’s a furious pounding at my back.

“Hey, dickhead!” Tom yells. “Get your ass out here. We need food and coffee. Harrison is back but he wants to give your girl first pick.”

I lean my head back on the door and groan in frustration. Candy’s glorious golden gaze meets mine and she smiles softly.

I lean over and touch her lips softly with mine, feeling love and lust roar up inside of me.

I rein it in. Now is not the time. But soon I’m going to have to show her how much I want and need her. Or I’m going to explode from holding my damn feelings in.

“Let’s go, angel. If Harrison is this set on you getting first pick then he won’t change his mind. He’s a stubborn son of a bitch.”

“He seems sweet,” she says and I glare at the door, jealousy shredding my insides.

“Yeah. So damn sweet.” I wrap my hand around her arm and tug her into me when I fling the door open and head outside.

The whole time we’re outside, gathering up food and discussing the day’s plan, she has the baby monitor by her side. I can hear soft breathing and I hold her into my side. This is what I was meant for. Her. And my son as well.

This is heaven. All I need to do is tie the damn woman down and then make sure that I keep her and my son safe and happy for the rest of our lives.

That shouldn’t be too hard. Should it?



Isit in the bedroom that Finn gave me and then stand, pacing around the room.

I can’t be still. Can’t relax. Every second feels like hours while time ticks down until I leave for work in the morning. I’ve got Edison set up for daycare and I absolutely love the woman that runs the place. She’s great and I’m lucky that she could fit Edison in.

I slip out of the room and into the nursery across the hall. I don’t know how the hell Finn got it set up so fast but when we got here, the room was already completely adorable and just perfect for a little boy.

There’s even a mural of a tree with little, chittering squirrels in it and wild animals peeking out of the woods and grasses. Happy little animals that smile almost like humans. A deer, a bunny, a pretty fox with bright green eyes and glorious red fur.

When I gasped and looked around the room, poking into all the corners, Finn preened, smirking at me.

“How did you get this done so fast?” I ask him. “You didn’t even know that I’d be moving in.”

He grunts. “That was the easiest part of all of this. I knew you were going to be coming here sooner or later. I just wasn’t going to let you say no.”

I glare at him, pouting. “You couldn’t know that I’d say yes.”

“Yes, I did. I had every damn argument I could think of ready to go. There was just no way you were going to say no and get away with it.”

“You sound hella bossy, Finn. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m not a child and I can make my own decisions.”

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