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The next day, I pull up in my pickup truck and watch in my rearview mirror as my friends and co-workers pull up behind me.

Harrison, gentle giant that he is steps out of his truck and then runs around to let his little sister out. She glares at him and crosses her arms over her chest.

He nods towards me and the rest fall in line behind him. He grunts when he gets next to my truck, staring at the house. “This the place?”

His seventeen year old sister who’s only a couple of months away from eighteen raises a brow at him. “Why would he be sitting here if it wasn’t?”

I turn away to hide my smile when he mumbles something under his breath and flushes.

“Yes, this is it. I told her we’d be here at eight this morning so we’re a little early but it’s alright. I’ll go grab us some coffee and food. How do you guys feel about sausage biscuits and donuts?”

“Sounds good.” Harrison nods, rubbing at his thick beard. “We should wait out here right?”

I eye him. “Yeah. Nobody goes in until I get back.” My back is up and I’m riled for some damn reason. Not that I don’t trust my guys. I do. But I don’t want a damn one of them anywhere near her alone.

Mallory gives another epic eye roll and Harrison groans. “Maybe I should go and get breakfast? You could just pay me back. That way nobody’s here alone with your woman.”

“If you’re sure?” I cock a brow at Mallory and he rolls his eyes just like his little sister just did. I snort back a laugh and instead hand him my card. “Here. Just use this. Is Mallory going with you?”

She stalks over to his truck. “Let’s just go, big bro! I need a coffee.”

I nod at her and he sighs. “Yeah. It’s not going great.”

“You know she’s having a hard time since your parents died. Just give her a break. She’ll come round.”

He nods. “Here’s hoping.”

He stalks back to his truck and I see Mallory flounce down and stick her little ear buds in her ears.

Harrison backs out and they drive off, neither one of them even looking at the other.

I wish I could help Harrison but since he gained custody of his little sister she’s been making his life hell. Both of us understand that she’s still grieving her parents’ death. After all, it’s only been six months. But Harrison is grieving as well and she won’t cut him a break. I feel like he’s ready to snap and I hope he can control his emotions until Mallory finally shapes up.

I’m not holding my breath though. She really seems to know how to push his buttons.

The alarm on my phone goes off at exactly eight and I step out of my truck, waving at the other guys. They follow me up to the door and I groan, hoping that she’s dressed or I’m going to have to kill every last one of my best friends.

I knock and hold my breath, hoping. I hear the light patter of her footsteps and she flings the door open, thankfully fucking dressed.

“What did I tell you about the door yesterday? Did you even check the peephole to see who it was?” I ask, my dander already up.

She rolls her eyes. “It’s exactly eight. That’s when you said you were going to be here. So…no, I didn’t check. Since I already knew it was you.”

Male chuckles roll behind me and I spin around, glaring at the lot of the assholes.

“She’s got you there,” one of them chuckles and I groan when I hear Candy laugh behind me.

“Thanks for siding with me, assholes. As soon as your girls show up, I’m gonna make sure that they have you dancing through hoops too!” I mutter under my breath.

I turn back to Candy. “Is everything ready? Boxed up?”

“I really think I should just take the essentials so if I have to come back here I still have stuff. It will make it easier to move back.”

“Don’t I fucking know it,” I mutter under my breath. “That’s exactly why you’re not doing that. Too fucking easy.”

“Did you say something?” she says, opening the door to let me in. I nod to the guys, letting them know I’ll be out in just a second.

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