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“That’s right,” I encourage. “Let me in. It feels good, doesn't it? Feels real good.” I’ve never felt anything better in my whole life. How did I go all my life without this?

“Kane, I need…more.”

“I know. I’ve got you.” I place my hand under her ass and hold her while I thrust. I’m making her mine, branding her inside and out with my scent, feel, touch. “Come for me, little bird. Let go. It’s all right.”

I keep talking, nonsense words of encouragement, as my hips slam down until I’m so deep inside her, the tip of my cock can feel her womb. She screams, and cum floods on my cock, triggering my own orgasm. I spill into her until she’s overflowing with her juice and my seed.

I take her mouth in mine. My intention was to be soft, but the taste of her, the feel of her tongue tangling with me sends me into orbit. “I have to have you again.” I flip over on my back. “You’re tender. Take what you can.”

She places her hands on my chest and leans forward. The mixed fluid inside of her drips down her legs and coats my own thighs. Her slow, tentative descent onto my shaft nearly kills me. It does send me over the cliff. I take her into oblivion with me.



“Little bird.” Kane’s mouth brushes against mine, pulling me from sleep.

“What?” I yawn and stretch out.

The sheet falls down my body, the cool air making my nipples harden. They ache. So do a lot of other places on my body. All of it in a good way. I open my eyes when he doesn’t respond, to see him eating me up with a heated gaze. He licks his lips as though he’s starved for me. I’m not sure how the heck that’s possible. I thought he would have already gotten his fill. “Boss man.”

“Boss man?” Those words grab his attention back. Well, to the conversation he was trying to have with me. He woke me for a reason. I notice he’s fully dressed already in a suit. It irritates me because I know that means he’s leaving again or going to his office.

“You’re bossy.” I shrug my shoulders.

“You love it.” Yeah, that’s kind of the problem. Not that it matters. Kane lays his hand on my stomach. The man is giant compared to me. His rough fingers trail down my stomach. My thighs part for him. They ache too from having been spread so wide for so long. When it comes to me, Kane can be insatiable. I do love that, but now the hollowness inside of me grows, making my chest ache. “Little bird.” He cups my sex.

“I love it.” He actually smirks.

“I wasn’t too hard?” His eyes soften. These are the moments I know I get my Kane. This man is only for me.

“You’re always hard, Kane.” His brows pull together, giving me that same expression he always does.

I think I might irritate him too. My responses often are not what he was thinking I might say or what he wants them to be. I’m a thousand percent sure no one else talks to him the way that I do and gets away with it. I don’t think Kane enjoys the obsession he has with me. Or the possessiveness. I think it makes him feel out of control. Which I’m guessing makes him uncomfortable. I wonder if someone could snap their fingers and make it go away if he’d agree to it.

He can keep me in my cage. Even fog my mind with lust and need, but he can’t change who I am, and I won’t play a part. If he wanted an obedient woman in his bed, then he should have taken the other one that was offered to him. She looked as though she would follow all of his rules without argument. Just the mere thought of her sours my mood.

“A woman is coming with some wedding dresses. She’ll be here soon.” His finger slips through the folds of my sex to press small circles to my clit.

“Ms. Michaels?” I gasp.


“The woman who got me all the clothes before.”

“I didn’t bother to ask her name. My tailor recommended her. My only communication was for them to get everything you need.” His smirk turns into a smile. My heart flutters. “Except the lingerie. I rather enjoyed picking out all your panties. I had no fucking clue there were so many options.”

“Never picked any out for a woman before?” I moan, his slow circles on my clit working me up.

“No,” he grunts. His finger stops moving. My teeth sink into my bottom lip. It’s terrible. Why do I both love and hate that he picked out my panties and bras? I want him to dress me up and order me around, but another part of me doesn’t. His control doesn’t come from love, and I’m not even sure love is something he can give.